Bolsonaro charges of judicial interference: three Brazilian ministers soon

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The Federal Supreme Court of Brazil has accepted a request from the Attorney General to question the Minister of Homeland Security, Augusto Heleno, the head of the civil chamber (cabinet), Walter Braga Netto and the Minister Secretary of the Government, Luiz Eduardo Ramos. All three are general.

Minister of Justice Sergio Moro resigned on April 24, citing the“Political interference” from President Jair Bolsonaro. Sergio Moro is a key figure in the Lava Jato (Express Wash) anti-corruption operation, which has put dozens of leaders from all walks of life, has resigned.

His decision came after the dismissal of one of his closest collaborators, the chief of the Federal Police, Mauricio Valeixo.

Exchange of messages and emails

Mr. Moro was questioned on May 3 at the federal police headquarters in Curitiba (South) for more than eight hours about his serious charges.

The contents of the statement have not been released, but the daily Estado de S. Paulo said on its site that the former minister had shown exchanges of messages and emails with the head of state. The content of these messages has not been revealed.

To date, several federal police investigations have targeted relatives of the president, including his sons.

These explosive revelations prompted the attorney general to call for an investigation, which was authorized in the wake of the Supreme Court which ordered Sergio Moro to be questioned.

This investigation could pave the way either for dismissal proceedings against Mr. Bolsonaro or for prosecution for reporting an imaginary crime against Mr. Moro. On Saturday, the head of state called his ex-minister “Judas” on Twitter.



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