Bolzano is now also one of the communities under special observation

The “Monitoring Covid-19” working group of the South Tyrolean medical company met on Sunday to carry out an overall assessment of the epidemiological course. The task of this monitoring group is to evaluate the infection rate on the basis of several indicators on a daily basis, including at community level. Velturno, the provincial capital Bozen and Bruneck have recorded a high or too high number of new infections in relation to the number of inhabitants in the past 14 days.

The South Tyrolean sanitary company subjects those communities to a more precise assessment every day, which exceed a daily value of new infections of 3 to 1000 inhabitants and / or a 14-day value of 10 to 1000 inhabitants. The analysis of the infection process is based on the evaluation of the number of foci of infection, the number of symptomatic, positive tested people, the number of hospital admissions with the corresponding severity and the number of people who are in quarantine.

The proposals for measures to the South Tyrolean provincial government are therefore not based on a single indicator, but on an overall assessment of several indicators.


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