Bomb in Cologne defused: Air and train traffic impaired

Bomb in Cologne defused: Air and train traffic

March 13, 2018 – 10:53 pm

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Evacuation area around the locality.
Evacuation area around the locality.

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Cologne. In Cologne-Gremberghoven on Tuesday afternoon a five-hundredth bomb was found. In the evening the area was evacuated within a radius of 300 meters. Affected were around 1500 people. Immediately before, during and after the defusing of the bomb, the long-distance and freight traffic as well as the S-Bahn line 12 were stopped. The air traffic was briefly affected, said the city of Cologne. At 22:48, the bomb was successfully defused. All closures were lifted again.

During the evacuation, in one case with the help of the police, it had to be determined whether there were still persons in an apartment. One person was hospitalized with acute health problems.

The World War II bomb was found during construction work on a lot at Bahnhofsplatz 7 in Cologne-Gremberghoven. It is a five-hundredth bomb of English design, said the press spokeswoman Sabine Wothlaw.

The Ordnungs- und Verkehrsdienst was deployed with 65 forces, the DRK with 42, the police with 17 and the fire department with 8 emergency services. In the established contact point for the residents in the refectory of the comprehensive school Stresemannstraße about 120 people had stayed. They were looked after by the security service and the aid organizations and provided with warm food and drinks. red

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