Bomb news has arrived! The two Hír TV presenters keep no secret about their relationship

As previously reported in our paper, rumors have been circulating for some time News TV of their two presenters, specifically whispered that in addition to a working relationship, they could also be connected by gentler threads. Stakeholders no longer deny it, and even contacted Bors ’editorial office themselves with the big announcement.

After getting more and more questions about the topic, and we don’t want to keep it a secret from our own immediate environment, acquaintances and friends, so now we say: yes, we work at a television and have found each other in addition to work in recent months! we are very happy together!– He told M. Kovács Róbert, a News TV Editorial is hosted by.

Photo: Pepper

The rumors started from the couple after they appeared on the channel in two consecutive daily shows at the same time, so they came and went to the studio together. M. Dobos Marianne, a Csörte The hostess of the vitamin show also confirmed the news to the paper.

“We really don’t want to keep secrets anymore, because we’ve spent so much time together that we can confidently say, not only to each other, but to the general public, that we’re a couple. But only our jobs are the same, we don’t work together in any production.”

The film Lovers of News now seems to come to life, as the couple has blossomed with reality not only in the shows they lead, but also in their private lives.

More details on how to find each other are Hot! magazine.