BONGKAR 31+ FF Redeem Code May 11, 2022, Claim M1887 Rapper, There are 4 Cool Bundles in Incubator Burning Myths FF

DESKJABAR – Free Fire survivors who like cool Bundles, don’t miss the newest Burning Myths FF-themed Incubator that is present in the Free Fire game.

Yes, Garena Free Fire has just presented Incubator Burning Myths FF. That means, there are 4 Burning Myths themed Bundles that you can get.

The four Bundles in Incubator Burning Myths consist of Phoenix Zeal FF, Phoenix Zest FF, Phoenix Zing FF, and Phoenix Zap FF which you can get today, Wednesday, 11 May 2022.

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The way to distinguish each of these Bundles is the dominant color of the costume. The Phoenix Zeal FF Bundle is dominated by silver, the Phoenix Zest FF Bundle (blue), the Phoenix Zing FF Bundle (red), and the Phoenix Zap FF Bundle (green).

To get 4 Bundles in Incubator Burning Myths FF, FF survivors must collect Blueprints: Burning Myths and Evolution Stones to exchange for the Bundle you want.

Use Incubator Vouchers or 50 Diamonds for one spin in Incubator Burning Myths. You can also issue 200 Diamonds for 5 spins at once.

Here are the 4 Bundles in Incubator Burning Myths FF and the required number of Blueprints and Evolution Stones.

Bundle Phoenix Zeal FF (silver)