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Bonner County Daily Bee – Local News, Rotary Hosts Misery Secret Fundraiser

SANDPOINT – This year's Rotary Club of Sandpoint Gala will be "A Dinner To Die".

In the truest sense of the word, guests will discover the fate of Ben Carey-Deway, known for arranging generous soirees in his Great Spatsby Manor. If he is found dead in his study, every guest guest is a suspect – who is the murderer?

The puzzle will be solved during the annual gala event on May 4th.

"We wanted to change a bit this year and add a conversation aspect. That's why we added a mystery dinner with murder, "said Ken Wood, member and event organizer of Rotary. "It's a Great Gatsby themed Myster Dinner Theater from the 1930s."

Rotary organizes a gala every year, and in recent years, Wood said, this was a standard dinner and auction event. The murder mystery will continue to be a quiet and silent auction, dessert auction, live music, a wine wall and much more.

Over the past two years, the event helped set up and equip the youth room of the East Bonner County Library District, Wood said. The funds raised during this year's event will be donated to Food for Our Children and will support the Rotary club's community projects and services, especially for young people.

"Food for Our Children" is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating child hunger in Bonner County. Mac Hollan, board member of Food for Our Children, said the organization spent more than 18,000 "backpacks", weekend food bags for children in the community.

"These are children who go home with food that otherwise might not have been," said Hollan.

Speaking of food: Dinner for the event is served by Tango Cafe with smoked oyster prosciutto and crispy pork belly appetizers. The dinner consists of Waldorf salad, ham and gruyere filled chicken with spiced apricot rum icing, baked potatoes and asparagus. Themed drinks from the 219 Lounge are also offered.

The cast includes Dennis Pence, who will play the murder victim Ben Carey-Deway. His "wife," Ginger Bodgers, is headed by Suzen Fiskin, dr. Gerry Atrics by David Keyes, Nurse Penny Cillin by Dyno Wahl, Minuet Johnson, Cami Murray's maid, Al Cappuccino, Ivan Rimar's business partner, Phil Anders, played Steve Verby's politician, Damien Wurst, Bala Bishop's artist, and Arthur Pollock and Ken Wood as chief detective or young investigator.

The event will take place on Saturday, May 4, in the auditorium of the Sandpoint Business & Event Center, Euclid Ave. 102, held on the third floor.

The doors open at 17.00 and the show starts at 18.00.

Tickets cost $ 100 each and can be purchased online at A donation option is also available for those who can not join the dinner but would like to support the Food for Our Children and Rotary programs.

Mary Malone can be reached by email at and follow her on Twitter @MaryDailyBee.



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