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The pandemic of coronavirus it has left many people without jobs and economically affected thousands of households. Given this, the Government of Francisco Sagasti offered the Bonus 600 soles, so that with this benefit they can face the economic challenges that the current health situation has brought. Here we reach you the official consultation link and all the steps you must follow to access this subsidy.

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As is known, the payment of the 600 Bond began in February of this year and has been delivered on established dates, so that the beneficiaries can collect it without the risk of catching it. COVID-19. Recently, the Government announced that the deadline for the delivery of this economic benefit was extended until August 31, 2021.

To fulfill this purpose, from the beginning of its delivery the Government put into operation the platform so that citizens can verify if they have been selected.

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How do I know if I am a beneficiary of the 600 Bonus?

To find out if your household is a beneficiary of the economic subsidy from Bono 600 you must perform the following steps:

  1. Login to Bonus 600 page with the this link:
  2. Put your DNI number in the field that requests it.
  3. Enter the date of issuance of your ID.
  4. Click on the box that says “I am not a robot”.
  5. Check the box that says “I accept the Privacy Policy”.
  6. Click on “Check if your home is a beneficiary”.

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In case you have difficulties to enter the page or have doubts, you can ask for guidance and information by phone or in person. Note that bank offices do not provide guidance or information on bonds. These are the guidance channels available for citizen consultation:

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Line 101

The Line 101 It works from Monday to Sunday, from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, including holidays, to inform you if your household is a beneficiary and the payment method that corresponds to you. In addition, they will help you complete the steps to access your mobile banking or other payment method.

Drums of Midis

The dairy farms or fixed platforms of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) are available to citizens in communities and populated centers in rural areas of the country. There are 176 dairy farms located in prioritized regions with an extreme alert level, where you can receive guidance on the Bono 600. Remember that you will not be able to collect the bonus at the dairy farms.

What payment methods exist for the 600 Bonus?

If after reviewing the web the “Bonus 600 soles” you verify that you are one of the beneficiaries of this subsidy, you will be assigned one of five modalities to receive the money. You can review them below:

  • Deposit into account (from February 17). If you have an account at the Banco de la Nación or some other financial institution, the deposit will be automatic, depending on the schedule and the last digit of your ID. You can withdraw the S / 600 at ATMs, authorized agents or at the financial institution.
  • Paying carts (from February 22). The paying carts They will reach the most remote communities where there are no banks and will deliver the bond following strict security protocols, according to a schedule. If the person responsible for the collection is an elderly person or a severely disabled person who lives alone, the voucher will be delivered in cash to their home.
  • Digital wallet (from February 26). If any member of the household has an active digital wallet, the bonus will be deposited there. If you do not have one, you can download one and join this service from March 1.
  • Cellular banking (from March 22). You will be able to affiliate according to the established schedule according to the last digit of your ID. For this, personal data and cell phone number must be validated. Thus, the beneficiary will receive a text message from the bank with the access code to mobile banking that will allow him to withdraw the voucher through the ATMs and MultiRed agents of Banco de la Nación.
  • Banking agencies (from March 29). In this mode, the voucher is delivered to bank agencies. It is aimed solely at all those households whose members do not have accounts in a bank or financial institution, or do not have an identified cell phone number.
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Bonus 600: more than 200 people were victims of identity theft, according to Midis
Bonus 600: more than 200 people were victims of identity theft, according to Midis