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Today’s iOS tips: 4 free apps, 3 free games and 4 promotions including Neverwinter Nights, Easy Sum, Gunpowder. The opportunity to save 37 €!

Daily, the editorial team finds you the best deals of the day on the App Store: free app, free game or on sale for a limited time. If an iOS app tempts you, hurry and download it during the sales! Developers can raise the price at any time, that’s also a good iPhone deal or a good iPad deal.


Free iOS Apps:

pdf max pro icone app ipa iphone ipadPDF Max Pro (App, iPhone / iPad, v7.4.0, 61 Mo, iOS 11.0, Mobeera) changed from € 4.99 to free.

PDF Max 5 Pro is an app that allows you to annotate PDFs, fill them in, or even synchronize them on the cloud, all within a very beautiful interface.

The +:

Download the free app PDF Max Pro

pdf max pro capture app ipa iphone ipad

easy sum icone app ipa iphone ipadEasy Sum (App, iPhone / iPad, v2.0.10, 27 Mo, iOS 10.3, DejaWorks LTD) changed from 0.99 € to free.

Easy Sum provides a simple way to get the sum of a list. It’s great for creating invoices, shopping lists, and anything that requires full value. Each item in the list can include a description and a value.

Keep adding items and Easy Sum will keep updating the total. Entries may contain other calculations, including multiplication and division. They can also be compressed to save space, and turned on and off to compare different results.

The +:

  • Good accounts make good friends

Download the free app Easy Sum

easy sum capture app ipa iphone ipad

form maker icone app ipa iphone ipadForm Maker (App, iPhone / iPad, v7.04, 47 Mo, iOS 12.3, Isoperla) changed from € 4.99 to free.

Form Maker is remarkably flexible, allowing you to create custom forms for any industry or profession. Designing a fully customized form is as easy as dragging and dropping the content into place. You can include content such as text boxes, labels, images, scrollable selectors, segmented controls, buttons, barcode scanners, and multiple choice boxes.

Form Maker supports multiple pages, making it easy to collect as much or as little data as you want. The captured data can be exported as text, CSV or PDF.

The +:

  • For statistics lovers

Download the free app Form Maker

form maker capture app ipa iphone ipad

ma chenille ar ipa iphone ipad app iconsBut Chenille AR (App, iPhone / iPad, v5.0.0, 101 Mo, iOS 11.0, StoryToys Entertainment Limite…) changed from € 4.99 to free.

For the first time, The Caterpillar with the Holes comes to life in the real world thanks to augmented reality. It has been 50 years since Eric Carle presented his flagship character to the world: the caterpillar that makes holes.

Now, thanks to the Apple ARKit, the holey caterpillar comes to life wherever you go. Thanks to augmented reality, you can see the caterpillar in the world around you. Watch her appear in your living room, on the kitchen table, in the garden or just anywhere you want to play with her.

The +:

Download the free app But Chenille AR

ma chenille ar capture app ipa iphone ipad

Free iOS Games:

adventurer legends ipa game icon iphone ipadAdventurer Legends (Game, Adventure / Role Playing, iPhone / iPad, v4.4, 173 MB, iOS 10.0, WejoyWorld Games) changed from 0.99 € to free.

A very exciting Diablo type RPG game with lots of random maps. Recruit excellent workers, manage your shop well, lead your mighty HEROES and teammates to fight for glory in this chaotic world!

Start crafting legendary gear, sell it for a high price, equip it to empower your heroes, teammates and yourself. Collect TREASURES in the adventure, and against the invasion.

The +:

  • Rather complete and taking

Download the free game Adventurer Legends

adventurer legends capture game ipa iphone ipad

dream a little dream icone jeu ipa iphone ipadDream A Little Dream (Game,, iPhone / iPad, v1.5, 106 Mo, iOS 11.0, Moneer Marouf) changed from 0.99 € to free.

On a peaceful, dreamy night, the Floof Royal sipped too much strawberry milk and fell into a deep sleep. As the moon descended and the sun began to rise, the Floof Royal dreamed a little and rolled out of bed, falling into the twilight sky.

Step into a dream land with this nostalgic, arcade-style pixel art slice of paradise. Move through the cotton candy-colored clouds as a sleeping cat equipped only with the most magical of sleep caps, and Dream a Little Dream …

A very colorful game, which will ask you to jump from cloud to cloud going as high as possible.

The +:

  • Very successful pixel-art

Download the free game Dream A Little Dream

dream a little dream capture jeu ipa iphone ipad

gunpowder ipa game icon iphone ipadGunpowder (Game, Action / Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.5.3, 799 MB, iOS 8.0, Rogue Rocket Games) changed from 0.99 € to free.

Gunpowder is an explosive and addicting puzzle game. With a very nice achievement, Rogue Rocket Games brings us a game that has already stood out with important content, hours of play, reflection and fun!

Play as Incendio and, armed with your brains and a keg of powder, set off to snatch the city’s gold from the hands of the evil Boss Grimshaw. This is the pretext for 150 levels of puzzles in a chaotic Wild West just waiting for you and your wildfire.

The +:

Download the free game Gunpowder

gunpowder capture game ipa iphone ipad

Promotions iOS :

dungeon warfare 2 ipa game icon iphone ipadDungeon Warfare 2 (Game, Strategy / Action, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.2, 229 MB, iOS 9.0, Jin Man Kim) increased from € 4.99 to € 1.99.

Dungeon Warfare 2 is the definitive sequel to Dungeon Warfare, a rather challenging tower defense strategy game where you play as a lord having to defend his dungeons using deadly traps and insidious contraptions against greedy adventurers and thieves. saying hero.

33 unique traps with 8 unique traits for each trap!

To download Dungeon Warfare 2 to € 1.99

dungeon warfare 2 capture game ipa iphone ipad

dungeon warfare ipa game icon iphone ipadDungeon Warfare (Game, Action / Strategy, iPhone / iPad, v1.04, 205 MB, iOS 8.0, Jin Man Kim) increased from € 4.99 to € 0.99.

Dungeon Warfare is a Tower Defense where you play as the Lord of a dungeon who must defend himself against the incessant assaults of greedy adventurers. As you push these invaders back out of your dungeons, you will unlock powerful traps that will help you progress further and further!

The +:

To download Dungeon Warfare at 0.99 €

dungeon warfare capture game ipa iphone ipad

lanota ipa game icon iphone ipadLanota (Game, Music, iPhone / iPad, v2.7.0, 1.2 GB, iOS 10.0, Noxy Games Inc.) increased from € 2.99 to € 0.99.

Lanota takes you in a real story that will put your rhythm to the test since you will have to use the music and press at the right time to advance in the adventure.

It begins in a discolored and sad world that you will have to save …

The +:

  • A good rhythm game

  • A nice story

To download Lanota at 0.99 €

lanota capture game ipa iphone ipad

neverwinter nights icone jeu ipa iphone ipadNeverwinter Nights (Game, Role Playing / Adventure, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.3, 2.7 GB, iOS 9.0, Overhaul Games) increased from € 10.99 to € 1.99.

Neverwinter Nights is a classic type RPG Donjons & Dragons released in 2002 on PC and improved for Apple’s platform. Thus, plan over 100 hours of gameplay with the original campaign, as well as the free DLC. Play solo or team up with friends for a grand adventure through the Forgotten Realms.

In addition to the classic Neverwinter Nights campaign, the iOS version includes six free DLC adventures: Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark, Kingmaker, ShadowGuard, Witch’s Wake and the Adventure Pack.

To download Neverwinter Nights to € 1.99

neverwinter nights capture jeu ipa iphone ipad


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