Bonus moms tomorrow: 800 euros without income limit

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Bonus moms tomorrow: 800 euros without income limit. Let’s see what it is and how to get it.

The mom bonus tomorrow 2020 is an economic subsidy of 800 euros which is aimed at mothers or pregnant women.

This facility, also known as the “birth premium”, was also extended in 2020.

It consists of an economic aid to families to cover the costs for the birth of a child.

It is, in fact, a check of 800 euros, recognized by INPS without income limits upon presentation of a specific application.

Let’s see in detail what it consists of and how to request it.

Bonus moms tomorrow: 800 euros without income limit

This service, as reported on INPS website, is aimed at pregnant women or mothers for one of the following events that occurred from January 1, 2020:

  • completion of the seventh month of pregnancy;
  • childbirth, even if prior to the beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy;
  • national or international adoption of the minor, ordered with a final judgment pursuant to law no. 184;
  • national pre-adoptive assignment ordered by order pursuant to art. 22, c. 6, l. 184/1983 or international pre-adoptive assignment pursuant to art. 34, l. 184/1983.

Pregnant women or foreign new mothers residing in Italy can also request the 800 euro bonus.

How to claim the Moms Bonus tomorrow

Bonus applications for mothers 2020 must be submitted by filling in the online form made available by INPS in its user area by accessing through the personal pin.

Alternatively, you can apply through:

  • Contact center at 803 164 (free from landline) or 06 164 164 from mobile network;
  • patronage bodies and intermediaries of the Institute through the telematic services offered by the same;
  • App downloadable from your apple store or google play.

If the application has already been submitted at the end of the seventh month of pregnancy, no further application must be made at birth.

While in the case of a twin birth, the application already submitted at the end of the seventh month of pregnancy will also be presented at birth.

The information of all the minors necessary for the integration of the prize already requested, with respect to the number of births, must be indicated.

As an expert in law and taxation of the team of experts in Proiezionidiborsa I suggest in the case of a twin birth to submit two applications, to obtain two checks for 800 euros.


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