Bonus of 100 euros for petrol for those who earn less than 2,000 euros per month

The expensive gasoline worries not only in Italy. The French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, speaking on TF1’s 20:00 TG, yesterday announced to the nation a government aid of 100 euros to allow the middle classes to cope with the increases, which in France are reaching record levels. With six months to go until the presidential elections, President Emmanuel Macron’s right-hand man also assured that the price of gas will be “blocked” for the whole of 2022.

France, 100 euro bonus for petrol

The allowance of 100 euros will be paid to the French who earn less than 2,000 euros net per month. The close electoral deadline makes expensive gasoline a major topic in France. But even in Italy, prices at petrol stations are skyrocketing. Supporting middle-class families with a fuel bonus is not a hypothesis for now in our country. The government grappling with the maneuver has other issues on the negotiating table.

The bonus will be paid without any action being required, it will not be subject to social security contributions or income taxes. The device will be aimed at “workers”, “who need their car to go to work” but also at “self-employed, unemployed looking for work and retirees” says Castel. It will affect a total of approximately 38 million people. An “automatic, fair and efficient” measure, the prime minister assured: “85% of French people own a car”, he insisted, recalling that inflation does not concern “only gasoline”. The figure of 100 euros was however calculated on the basis of the “additional cost for a worker who travels 14,000 km per year”, or 80 euros, “plus inflation on other goods”.

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The expensive petrol in Italy

However, the wave of price increases in the fuel sector continues, with the new Mise surveys that set the average price of gasoline at 1.733 euros per liter, and diesel fuel which reaches 1.593 euros / liter. An alarm that this time, Assoutenti asserts, also concerns methane, whose prices in many distributors exceed the threshold of 2 euros per kg and reach a historical record.

“The trend of the fuel price lists now represents an emergency, with petrol and diesel oil costing today more than 20% more than at the beginning of the year – explains the president Furio Truzzi – To this situation is added the Methane alarm, with the price lists to distributors doubled and prices that in many areas of Italy exceed 2 euros per kg. A huge damage for consumers who, in addition to paying more for supplies at the pump, suffer direct effects on retail prices, which increase due to higher transport costs”.

“In the face of what is in effect an emergency, we ask the Government to intervene urgently, cutting the taxation that applies to fuels in order to contain the growth in price lists and limit the indirect effects of expensive gasoline on product prices transported and on costs for industry and businesses – continues Truzzi – It is absurd that today on every liter of gasoline purchased by consumers, 1.04 euros go into taxes due to anachronistic excise duties that have never been reduced and continue to weigh on the community “.

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