Bonus of 200 to 240 euros for all healthcare employees | Inland

Outgoing Minister Tamara van Ark of Medical Care informed the House last month that determining who should receive the bonus and how high it should be is ‘a dilemma’. Either the bonus would become 500 euros net for healthcare employees who work a lot with corona and have a lot of absenteeism due to this, or all healthcare employees would receive a bonus.

Care unions found the exclusion of certain employees ‘very inappropriate’. “People don’t know how to do all that work. And this discussion is not really motivating, ” said Zorgvakbond NU’91. Minister De Jonge has previously indicated that he prefers to reward all care workers. Moreover, there was a need for haste because otherwise the implementation would be too delayed.

De Jonge does not see a proposal from the ChristenUnie to lower the income threshold for a bonus to 1.5 times the average. “The unity in which all healthcare professionals work hard within the sector requires mutual solidarity. This means that I let a broader target group prefer a limited increase in the bonus amount, ”said the minister.

The counter where the bonus can be applied for must open by 15 June at the latest. Physical therapists and midwives are also eligible this year. They didn’t get it last year. Cleaners, freelancers and temporary workers can also receive a bonus. Last year, a bonus of 1000 euros was paid out to healthcare workers. That cost more than 2 billion euros.

Last year’s bonus was also awarded up to a certain income level. The number of applications was much higher than the government had expected. As a result, the budget for the bonus was well exceeded last year. In total, the government will spend three billion euros on health care bonuses in 2020 and 2021. This year, EUR 720 million is available for the bonus.

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