Bonus work, from today more money in the paycheck

Bonus work, from today more money in the paycheck

The ‘job bonus’ arrives and, with him, more money in the paycheck. With the cut of the tax wedge, the new measure for the ‘supplementary income treatment’ starts today: archived by the so-called ‘Renzi bonus’ – the measure of 80 euros for employees wanted by the then Prime Minister at 10 billions of resources planned for the old bonus, another 3 billion are added for this year, which will become about 6 billion next year, thanks to the Italian law decree.

The new ‘mixed’ system provides for i incomes up to 28,000 euros, already affected by the tax cut of 80 euros, an increase of up to 100 euros per month. While for income from 28,000 to 39,999 euro a progressive intervention is foreseen (as the income increases, the tax cut decreases). The measure does not, however, affect incapacitated employees, that is, those who have an income of less than 8,145 euros, a threshold below which the personal income tax does not apply. To obtain the ‘discount’ in the paycheck, it is not necessary to make a request, but it will be made directly by the employer, who plays the role of substitute tax.

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