Bonya exposed the terrible envy of Sobchak to her successful life


Ex-participant of "House-2" said that the TV presenter intentionally intrigues her

Victoria Bonya made an unexpected statement. The model, which became famous after participating in the reality show "Dom-2", said that she constantly suffers from the envy of other women who cannot calmly look at her successful life. And one of these envious, it turns out, was the former host of the project – Ksenia Sobchak.

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According to Boni, the "blonde in chocolate" was haunted by Victoria's success – her move to Monaco, a civil marriage with the son of a billionaire and the appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, so she organized a campaign to denigrate the model. Allegedly, Sobchak ordered all the news about a fake dress from Victoria, about not being allowed to a party or falling off manicure.

“She is jealous of attractive women. Ksenia Anatolyevna is allergic to beautiful women, ”Bonya is sure.

No better refers to the star of "House-2" and her ex-colleague on the project, Alena Vodonaeva. The girls used to be friends, but then they quarreled: they did not share the place of the leading video version of one famous glossy magazine. Now, as Bonya said in the YouTube show “Rumor Has It,” Alena, at any opportunity, is lying about her, and all in order to somehow publicize.

“She needs to at least leave me somehow … In order to probably not seem so worthless, uninteresting, unnecessary,” summed up Bonya.


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