Booba gives strength to Bramsito for his new album “Substance”!

To the delight of his many fans, Bramsito has just released his brand new album. Booba supports him on Instagram!

Did you expect it? He finally arrives! Bramsito thus reveals his whole long awaited new album titled Substance. To support him and give him strength, Booba decides to share the ad on his Instagram account! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Bramsito’s new album

In the night of Thursday 13 to Friday 14 May 2021, Booba has therefore fed his Instagram feed with a brand new unpublished post. And his millions of fans rejoice!

They follow the activity of their idol with the greatest attention on a daily basis, in search of new nuggets. And yet, there are many.

You will no doubt have understood it, the very famous rapper from 92 is not talking about him this time. It highlights his little protégé Bramsito ! Eh yes.

The 25-year-old singer has just released a new project called Substance. Composed of 14 tracks, we then find very big headliners.

Among them, SDM, Maes, Uzi and Fally Ipupa. Yes, you did hear! Once again, the RnB prodigy hasn’t done things halfway.

“The team, my 3rd album ‘Substance’ is finally available. Thank you to everyone who participated in this project. Maes, SDM, Uzi, Fally Ipupa, without forgetting the composers with whom I have charcoalized night and day« , can we read in the caption of the post.

« Thanks to everyone who follows me and support me from the start. This album is no longer mine, but yours. The substance is to be consumed without moderation ” then concludes the singer.

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Booba once again gives him a big boost! MCE TV tells you more.

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Booba spends his time on Instagram

Very active on social networks, Booba is the delight of his millions of fans. With it, Internet users never really have time to be bored.

Between the little moments with his children, the exclusive extracts of his songs, photos, clashes and unpublished announcements, there is something to take care of for hours on a daily basis.

The performer of the hit Grain of sand thus cumulated nearly 5 million subscribers on his old Instagram account. Yes, you did hear it.

But it was unfortunately banned from the famous platform for non-compliance with the rules of use. It must be said that there was not really a dead hand during his clashes.

But how does he continue to share and interact with his audience on his favorite social network? As you probably know, he now uses his label’s account Piracy !

Followed by nearly 400,000 people, it has become the new refuge of the very famous rapper. He spends almost all of his time there! Even if now, he tries to be more discreet. This account should not disappear as well.

It is also on this one that he recently supported and given strength to his friend Bramsito who just released a new album.

One thing is then certain, Booba has not finished talking about him!