Book Concert “Don’t you hate 文?” When asked… Homeland “I will not answer”

Former Minister of Justice Cho Kook is answering questions from citizens in a conversation with the author of the book concert ‘A Walk on the Law Classics of the Fatherland’ held at the Gwangju Theater in Dong-gu, Gwangju on the afternoon of the 28th. /news1

On the 28th, former Minister of Justice Cho Kook held a book concert called ‘A Walk on the Classics of the Fatherland’ at the Gwangju Theater in Dong-gu, Gwangju. In the form of answering questions from attendees, conversations were exchanged about Gwangju, the May 18 Democratization Movement, the youth generation, and future political moves.

◇ “Don’t you hate former President Moon Jae-in?”

Former Minister Cho had a time when attendees wrote down questions on post-it notes, and the host picked one of them and asked a question. One of them said, “Don’t you hate former President Moon Jae-in? Aren’t you sad at all? I am sad and hateful.”

Former Minister Cho said, “You asked a difficult question.” He said, “I think there will be people who are angry and dissatisfied with former President Moon’s management of state affairs,” and “I think his policies and philosophy have both significance and limitations at that point.” He continued, “I think there are things I did, things I wanted to do but couldn’t achieve, and things I tried to do but went wrong,” he said.

Former Minister Cho read the question once again, saying, “Isn’t it disliked or sad?” and avoided an immediate answer, saying, “As a senior aide who assisted former President Moon, I think it is correct not to answer this.”

◇”My son who served in the military, the story I said on behalf of my mother… ”

Former Justice Minister Cho Kook is heading to the reception room of the Seoul Detention Center with his son for an interview with his wife Jeong Kyung-sim in October 2020. /yunhap news

In response to the story of a citizen who sent his son to the military, former Minister Cho said, “To speak personally, my son was also discharged at the end of last year.” I didn’t see the entire discharge process. She had such a heartbreaking thing about her.” He continued, “I have to serve in the military, and my mom and dad have all sorts of things going on outside, so my son must have had a lot of worries.”

Former Minister Cho said, “Since I can only go to visits, I only told my son two things when I went to visits or went on vacation.” The first one is, “Don’t think about anything and come out after being fully inside it. Don’t think complicated thoughts, use your body to get rid of the clutter in your head. It is the best achievement you can achieve right now to come out fully after training and working hard on your own life.” The second is to the son who has not experienced group life, “I hope you come out after observing how many different people of your generation exist in this world. Then it will be a study in itself.”

Previously, the fact that former Minister Cho’s son delayed his military service five times due to his dual citizenship in the United States was raised during the ministerial hearing. In 2020, former Minister Cho said, “My son is in graduate school and plans to enlist after graduation.” During the trial, a text message from former Dongyang University professor Jeong Kyung-shim, wife of former Minister Cho, appeared to be asking for a graduate school entrance exam to delay her son’s enlistment. Ms. Jeong told a professor at Seoul National University, “After (her son failed graduate school) twice, he was drafted into the army.”

◇”There are unfair parts, but I will keep a low attitude and reflect on myself”

Former Minister of Justice Cho Kook is having a conversation with his daughter Cho Min in a conversation with the author of the book concert ‘A Walk in the Law Classics of the Fatherland’ held at the Gwangju Theater in Dong-gu, Gwangju on the afternoon of the 28th. /news1

Former Minister Cho recalled what had happened in the past, saying, “You applaud and support me, but since 2019, all sorts of things have happened.” On this day, referring to her daughter Jo Min, who attended the book concert together, she said, “She went to testify against people who said her daughter drove a red Porsche in the morning.” On this day, she appeared in court and announced in court that she wanted to punish the cast members of ‘Garo Sero Lab’ who spread false information that she drives a Porsche.

Former Minister Cho said, “Starting with this, there was even talk of me being an actress sponsor at the time.” He said, “Excluding all of that, after being nominated for the minister, I said many times that I felt sorry for the people, and I still feel that way,” he said.

Former Minister Cho said, “I’m not sure when this tunnel will end, but I’m trying to keep a lower attitude with a lower mind.” said and received applause from the audience.