Michael Silverblatt has been talking about books about aerial waves since 1989. In this weekly podcast, he interviews novelist and poet authors (most recently: Edward St. Aubyn, Lydia Millet) in a thoughtful and intellectual manner.

Become your boldest self, create a home without waste – wait, what? Each week comedian Jolenta Greenberg and her friend Kristen Meinzer follow the rules of another self-help book and then determine if it works.

Burton, the alumnus "Star Trek" and "Reading Rainbow", reads a short fiction every week in his well-known baritone.

Three passionate readers talk and discuss books. Among the hosts include the actor Rider Strong, formerly sitcom "Boy Meets World". In recent episodes, the group "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding and the poetry collection "Digest" by Gregory have debated Pardlo.

The podcast of the New York Public Library brings listeners to the piles (New York Public Library)

The podcast of the New York Public Library puts the audience in the pile. In the weekly show, the hosts Gwen Glazer and Frank Collerius lead a far-reaching and often carefree conversation about books, pop culture and the lives of librarians.

In their twice-monthly podcast, Kendra Winchester and Autumn Privett help women regain half their bookshelves. They interview authors and review books by and about women, such as Peng Shepherd's The Book of M and Terese Marie Mailhot's Heart Berries.

Each week, Sarah Wendell dissects a romance novel and interviews authors and publishing professionals. Expect debates on genre terms like "chick lit" and "female fiction" and how writers question the status quo through storytelling.

Popular blogger Anne Bogel – modern woman Darcy – asks guests to name three books they love, one they do not read and what they read. Then she gives customized recommendations.


Angela Hauptis author and editor in the district.


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