Bookmakers predict the chances of Latvia entering the Eurovision final

Already today, on May 10, the first semi-final of “Eurovision” will take place, while on May 12 – the second semi-final, but on May 14, the grand final will be determined, which country will win the laurels!

While the big stage performances are awaiting, which, as millions of spectators are waiting for each time, Betsafe bookmakers are predicting that the potential winner may be known due to the war in Ukraine.

This year, Latvia will be represented by the group of boys “Citi Zēni” with the song “Eat Your Salad”, who will perform in the first semifinals of “Eurovision” on May 10, the second in a row.

According to Betsafe’s forecasts, Latvia has little hope of fighting for the prize-winning seats. It can be considered a success to reach the final, which is currently assessed as an optimistic scenario – about 60% probability. It should be noted, however, that this has not been done since 2016, when Latvia was represented by Justs.

Russia’s hostilities in Ukraine at the end of February have changed predictions about a possible winner of the competition, so Betsafe bookmakers predict that Ukraine has the best chance of winning the competition this year. This year, Ukraine is represented in the “Eurovision” by the “Kalush Orchestra” with the song “Stefania”. A victory with about 60% probability is predicted.

“Of course, the distribution of forces can still change, but now Ukraine continues to strengthen its favorite positions every day. These positions are also strengthened by the fact that historically in very rare cases has been such a strong favorite for several months before the competition. In some cases, the country in the bookmaker’s favorites has also won, with the exception of Israel in 2018 and Ukraine in 2016, “says Valters Rozmanis, a spokesman for Betsafe.

Last year, the laurels were won by the energetic Italian band Måneskin. This year, bookmakers predict that the hostess Italy will fight for second place with Great Britain or Sweden. Two young popular artists – Mahmood and BLANCO will represent Italy in Turin. They will perform the song “Brividi”, which will be in a much calmer mood compared to last year’s performance. Sweden will be represented at this year’s “Eurovision” by Cornelia Jakobs with the song “Hold Me Closer”, while Great Britain will put the long-haired social network personality and singer Sam Ryder on the stage with the composition “Space Man”. Bookmakers evaluate the chances of winning these countries equally, each around 9-10%.

“This year is a non-standard year among Eurovision favorites. A few months ago, Ukraine, which was firmly in the favorites, replaced it from 10th place and is now in the leading position. At the beginning of the year, Ukraine was not among the favorites, its victory was calculated at about 3.33%. Usually, such huge leaps in forecasts do not happen and clearly show a change in the world and its perception.Italy is still at the top of the favorites, but together with the other two countries mentioned above, all countries behind the TOP 4 favorites have only a theoretical chance to win, “comments” Betsafe “representative Valters Rozmanis.

In the past, the name of Russia was often heard among the favorites, but shortly after the start of the war, it was announced that the aggressor would not be able to participate in the song contest.