Booster dose, validity of the pass, tests, indoor mask … Your questions, our answers

Charente Libre is starting to answer your questions again after the wave of measures announced by the government to fight against the 5th wave. To write to us: [email protected]

Should a mask be worn in a nightclub?

A decree to be published this Friday must make it compulsory to wear a mask everywhere indoors, “ including in places already governed by the health pass », Clarified Olivier Véran. Will there be an exception in nightclubs? “ The modalities establishment by establishment will be specified in the hours that follow and there is consultation with all sectors. », Kicked in touch the minister. Patience, therefore …

I have to take the train Monday morning at 6.30 am and I don’t have a health pass. My test is scheduled for Saturday. How does it work in view of the 24 hour validity?

Unfortunately the guidelines are clear, the validity of the tests is reduced to 24 hours (and no longer 72 hours) from Monday, November 29. You will therefore have to be tested on Sunday if, however, a nurse or pharmacist can do it for you. The ARS on this subject should take a decision as soon as possible. On the other hand, the SNCF specifies on its website that it is possible to be reimbursed or exchanged for train tickets up to 3 days before departure in this particular health context.

I was infected with Covid-19 on November 4 despite a vaccination schedule finalized in July. When should I get my 3rd dose?

Olivier Véran repeated it this Thursday: “ an infection corresponds to an injection “. Therefore, if you had received two doses and then been infected in November, your booster could not be injected until April 2022. And no later than June.

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Ministry of Health

I have to do an antigen test on Saturday morning to go see my cardiologist on Monday afternoon, since Monday morning I work. Will it be valid on Monday afternoon? I am not vaccinated.

In view of the announcements made today, the validity of the test is reduced to 24 hours from Monday. Unfortunately, you will have to postpone your test. If you do it on Saturday morning, it will no longer be valid. You will need to find a time slot either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning early.

I have to have an operation on Monday, December 6. I have my health pass but I need a PCR test. When should I get it done and where?

The tests valid for 24 hours are those giving entitlement to a health pass. However, depending on what you indicate, you are vaccinated and already have a health pass. At the moment, there is uncertainty around the question of which tests complement full immunization schedules. Asked, the Angoulême hospital center indicates that for the moment no rule has changed…. Pending national guidelines. When asked “where”, you can perform your test in a laboratory or in a pharmacy (antigen test).

From January 15, the pass will be canceled if there is no 3rd dose. How is it going for those whose 3rd dose is scheduled for February? Will the pass still be canceled on January 15th?

The government specifies that it will integrate a feature into the TousAntiCovid application that will alert people to the fact that their health pass is close to expiration for lack of a third dose. For the latter, the delay is now reduced to 5 months after the last dose. The sanitary pass – in the absence of a third dose – will be deactivated once seven months have passed after the injection of the second dose. The population therefore has two months (between the fifth and seventh months) to be vaccinated a third time before the pass expires.

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