Boozoo Bajou and Tony Joe White

Back View : Boozoo Bajou and Tony Joe White - ASPEN COLORADO (LTD 10INCH) - PILOTTON / PILOTTON001

A1: Aspen Colorado (Revisited)

B1: Aspen Colorado (Frank Mollenas Cosmic Mix)

Welcome Boozoo Bajou! The first new physical Boozoo Bajou release since their last album in 2014!

Throwback to 2004: It’s a mild summer night in Hamburg in July. The place of the action is the backstage area of ​​the factory club. US country music legend Tony Joe White has just left the stage after playing a stunning set in which he looks back on a long career that began in the late sixties. After several phone calls and exchanges by email, it is the first meeting with him, who is considered one of the most iconic singers, and with Boozoo Bajou, who is one of the most famous downbeat producers in Germany and originally from Nuremberg. Over the next entertaining hours, a few beers were drunk and the plan to work together was nailed down so everyone went home with a smile on their faces. With “Keep Going” the first result of their collaboration on the Boozoo Bajou album “Dust My Broom”, which was released on! K7 in 2005, should see the light of day. This was followed by a 16-year break before the second part of the joint recordings will be released on a limited 10-inch vinyl in May 2021. Originally recorded in 2005, this is a re-recording of Tony Joe White’s wonderful 1969 track “Aspen Colorado”, which was re-sung on a soulful laidback Boozoo Bajou beat. After the tragic death of Tony Joe White in October 2018, it was rather vague whether this would happen, but with the grateful help of his son Jody, Boozoo Bajou can finally bring this musical gem to the public. [info sheet from distr.]

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