Bordeaux: Angry hunters of France demonstrate on Saturday

The angry hunters of France, a collective that brings together several associations, are expected this Saturday, November 27 at Place de la République in Bordeaux, between 9:30 am and 1 pm. Hunters want to be heard on two main topics, traditional hunts and goose hunting, which they want to extend until the end of February. They also denounce the ban on glue hunting or even this proposal which would ban hunting on Sundays, public holidays or during the holidays.

Claims that will therefore be made from Bordeaux, a not at all trivial choice since the hunters intend to “pass a message” to the ecological mayor. Pierre Hurmic, in particular by placing Christmas trees. Symbolic action to denounce the choice of the Bordeaux councilor to remove the traditional Christmas tree from Place Pey-Berland in 2020.

The angry hunters of France are also targeting EELV members and their measures deemed to be liberticidal.


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