Bordeaux Métropole International Arts Festival 2022

This 7th edition of the festival will take place from October 1 to 16, ie for two weeks, irrigating the metropolis with 210 performances, 145 of which are free.

This edition of the FAB has a common thread for irrigating the Metropolis and it is indeed irrigation that it is about because each place of event can be identified on a watercourse and the territory of the Metropolis is largely provided with it. with the most important being the Garonne with its tributaries. Through this approach it is a question of linking cultural activity and discovery of a territory and thus there will be the discovery of 25 places of the Metropolis. This is how this 7th edition of the FAB will have 24 artistic proposals, including 11 2022 creations and 6 premieres to discover as well as a new one with the invitation of Theo Jansen with its Strandbeest*, which travels very little, if ever, and its presence at this Festival is exceptional. This year, the FAB is therefore putting on many shows along the Garonne, to rediscover the territory beyond the hyper-centre. On the menu of this FAB, dancing with for example Olympic Panic/Fifth! in Bordeaux, circus with Pigments de CirkVost in Saint Médard en Jalles, music with for example Toy Party by the International Muerto Coco Detachment at the Pola factory for the closing Faboum, theater with For the winds to rise de Gurshad Shaheman / Catherine Marnas & Nuno Carduso, des performances comme Monumental construction by Olivier Grossetête at the stone bridge on the Bastide side (construction and deconstruction), hybrid shows such as Living is not sleepingd ‘Agnès Pelletier / Compagnie Volubilis in Bordeaux in Pessac and in Saint Médard and visual installations like Jardin d’Hiver.

A wind-powered beach beast
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The unique event of this FAB is the exceptional presence of the Dutch visual artist Theo Jansen, who will organize the first major exhibition in France of his monumental “Strandbeests” whose images on the beaches of The Hague have gone around the world. These beasts of the beach will be exhibited in different places and therefore for the first time in France, this allowing the Parisian press to come and discover the man in Bordeaux. An exhibition will therefore be entirely devoted to him in Bordeaux, from the garden of the Hôtel de Ville to the Museum of Fine Arts, via an exceptional public lecture that he will give at the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art. Nicknamed “the sculptor of the wind”, Theo Jansen is indeed at the origin of works of art that come to life thanks to the breath of the wind. This engineer has made kinetic sculpture his specialty. His artistic inspirations find their place between the theory of genetic evolution and various fields such as aeronautics, robotics, computer science or mathematics. Strandbeests are made using plastic tubes (PVC) and bottles. These plastic tubes are initially used for specific electrical installations, which can only be found in Belgium or the Netherlands. Impressive skeletons, moving independently in the wind: the Strandbeests thus regularly walk along the coast of The Hague. The hypnotic images of their mad dash were broadcast around the world. Much more than art objects, Theo Jansen strives to actually create life with the ultimate goal of letting his creations live unaided on the beach in large herds.

opening picture : Brigitte Bloch, Vice President Bordeaux Métropole; Dimitri Boutleux Bordeaux Culture Assistant; Pascale Bru cultural assistant Saint Médard en Jalles; Sylvie Violan, Artistic Director of FAB; Philippe Ruffini, Production Manager.

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*Beach beasts

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