Bordeaux-Paris running, via Chartres and Rambouillet, to warn about disability

“I am a disabled sportsman from the Gironde as well as an employee and ambassador of the Handicall company. My project is to connect Bordeaux to Paris, by running, helped by two guides, to promote disability, adapted companies, and my company Handicall *. “

3,000 km on four continents

The Bordelais Grégory Mouyen shows the color and shower those who complain about his hemiplegia, congenital handicap due to a stroke. “I consider this event more of a chance. First, because I had the chance to be born into a family that never considered me disabled. “

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This is how he followed in his father’s footsteps, a marathoner, even an ultramarathoner. Grégory Mouyen starts running, “despite my crazy leg, an arm that was no less and epileptic seizures that occurred in the event of intense effort”.
Since 2005, he hasn’t stopped: twenty-one marathons, eleven ultramarathons and hundreds of other races.

“They always preferred a so-called able-bodied person to me. “

But, on the job side, it’s not the same track record and Grégory Mouyen hassle: “They always preferred a so-called able-bodied person to me. Today, at 38, he works for Handicall, has run more than 3,000 km on four continents and has published three books.

And to warn about the handicap, he embarked on November 14 in this race rallying Bordeaux to Paris, via several stage cities. Wednesday 24 November he will be in Chartres, Thursday 25 in Rambouillet.

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“Our idea is to cover an average of 50 km per day, running, even walking if fatigue is felt, but especially taking into account my handicap, because I have a heavy handicap”, notes this “marathon runner not like the others “.

Handicall is an adapted company, a service provider for large accounts, such as mutual societies, telephone operators, insurance companies, and others. It employs 300 people, valid and invalid, on five sites in France: Étampes, Lyon, Chartres, Tours and Bordeaux …

The departure was made from the company Handicall Bordeaux (Gironde) on Sunday November 14 to arrive at the Élysée Palace in Paris on Saturday November 27 where it is expected that Grégory Mouyen will be received by Emmanuel Macron, the vice-president of the Senate and deputies who support him for this project. This journey is planned over fifteen days and crosses stages towns that are emerging in order to better balance the kilometers to cover including Châteaudun, Chartres, Rambouillet.Steps

. Grégory Mouyen is expected Wednesday evening, November 24 in Chartres and will leave the Handicall company (rue Gilles-de-Roberval) on Thursday, at 8:30 am. He will take the road to Rambouillet from where he will leave on Friday November 26, at 8:30 am, from the Clairbois school. It is possible to accompany Grégory Mouyen in his race.

Laurence Gélineau

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