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Border Security Brawl seems to be a quiet resolution

Congress will solve its clashing brawl with President Donald Trump in an unusually two-sided way as legislators prepare to pass a border security compromise that provides only a fraction of the billions it has demanded for a wall with Mexico and that Weekend prevented a renewed shutdown of the government.

With Trump's half-hearted signature widely expected but barely guaranteed, Congressional leaders planned to vote on the comprehensive package on Thursday. Passage, first by the Republican-led Senate, then by the Democratic Party-controlled house, was virtually secure, with a significant number of both parties voting "yes." The bargains filled the chord just before midnight on Wednesday.

"I'm sure it will pass, I do not know any drama," said Chief Democrat of House Democrats, Representative. James Clyburn, D-S.C.

Trump's approval would end a rude Legislative saying that began before Christmas and ended almost suitably on Valentine's Day. The low point was the historically long 35-day partial closure of the Confederation that trumped Trump and was in effect when the Democrats took control of the house and forced it to share power for the first time.

Trump relented on January 25, when public opinion was directed against him and the Republicans of Congress. Of the $ 5.7 billion he had demanded for his Wall, he had not won any nickel, but he had missed paychecks for legions of federal and federal contractors and lost services to countless others. It was a political fiasco for Trump and an early success for House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

The fight meant that both parties were dead against another shutdown. This sentiment weakened Trump's hand and promoted the agreement between the two parties, a pact that addresses the parties' ongoing differences over health care, taxes, and the President's investigation.

After nearly three weeks of talks, the agreement provides nearly $ 1.4 billion for new barriers at the border. That's less than $ 1.6 billion for border security in a bipartisan Senate bill that Trump had spurned months ago, and enough to build only 60 kilometers of barricades, not the 200 miles he'd been looking for.

It is noteworthy that the word "wall", which has caused many songs at Trump's events and rallies as president, can not even be found on the 1768 pages of legislation and explanations. "Barriers" and "fencing" are the nouns of choice.

The compromise would also gradually pressure the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain fewer unauthorized immigrants. To the consternation of the Democrats, it would still leave an agency that many consider abusive to holding thousands of immigrants than they did last year.

The measure includes money for improved surveillance equipment, more customs brokers and humanitarian aid for detained immigrants. The bill also provides $ 330 billion to finance dozens of federal agencies for the rest of the year.

Trump has been talking for weeks about broadening the agreement by taking executive action to divert money from other wall-building programs without a congressional signing. He could declare a state of national emergency, which has called for resistance from both parties, or call other authorities to use funds for military construction, disaster relief and the fight against drugs.

These steps could lead to congressional resistance or legal action, but would help annoy the advocates that the president gives in.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N. C., who heads right-wing House Freedom Caucus, told reporters that "it would be political suicide" when Trump signs the agreement and does nothing else to find extra money.

The measure should be supported by pragmatists of both parties. Many of the most liberal members of Congress were expected to resist and were unwilling to give in to Trump's policies against immigrants, while convinced conservatives preferred a law that would go further.

"I promised my congregation that I would not fund the ICE," said MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.

Although Trump lost the most vulnerable issue, he almost declared victory on Wednesday.

At the White House, he claimed that a wall was "built while we speak." Work on a small section of barriers will start this month in the state of Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

Swallowing the deal would be a big concession from Trump, who for months has described the situation on the southern border as a national security crisis.

In private talks, Trump called the negotiators of the congress bad negotiators, said a person who was familiar with the talks and had no authority to speak publicly. Trump has also made it clear that he wanted more money for the Wall and expressed his concern that the plan was a defeat for him in the media.

Trump has repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, a clue that the country is spurned. His descriptions of the size of the wall fluctuated, sometimes saying it covered 1,000 of the 2,000-mile boundary. Earlier administrations built over 650 miles of barriers.

Democrats resisted Trump's resistance and lost their bid to pay the federal contractors for the wages that had been lost during the last closure. The federal workers were paid for when they were fired or worked without paychecks.

Also omitted was an extension of the law against violence against women. Democrats say this would give them a chance to protect the law for transgender later this year.



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