Borderlands 3: New patch comes today

Borderlands 3 has a new hotfix. Among other things, there are more loot, simpler opponents – and you can see better!

When will the patch come? The hotfix will be uploaded on all platforms during the night of Thursday 7th to Friday 8th November – until midnight. The new patch includes a lot of customization, both for Bloody Harvest and off-event play.

New Patch Borderlands 3

That changes at Bloody Harvest

That changes with Captain Haunt: Since Bloody Harvest started, players can chase ghosts to get strong loot. Especially Captain Haunt should actually fill the inventories, but did not do so far. This is changing now: The chance of a legendary loot has been drastically increased.

However, the boss also gets a bit stronger: his shields are improved. According to Gearbox, that's because many players simply dismantled him too fast and were not able to see "whole phases" of the boss fight at all. It is worth to challenge the upper mind again!

Haunt now brings more loot

Other changes in Bloody Harvest: There are also other changes that players should be happy. First, the hecktoplasmic rate was raised.

  • Ghosts drop 2 vice plasma
  • Badass ghosts drop 3 vice plasma
  • Loot spirits drop 5 Vice Plasma

This will get you to Heck much faster to challenge Haunt. In addition, prey spirits drop more loot.

Customized anointing and loot: Finally, another complaint was made to the players. Anointed weapons with "Terror" anointing were recently found much more often. This changes now: Normal opponents are more likely to drop "normal" anointed weapons, the "Terror" weapons are now more likely to be found on Bloody Harvest enemies.

In addition, the chance has increased that prey spirits will leave legendary weapons from Bloody Harvest – and not something else.

Bloody harvest legendary loot
Legendary loot from the event will be easy to find

Anointed opponents become easier

This has also been adjusted: Also outside the event was turned on a few screws. For one thing, anointed enemies are no longer immune to Cryo damage. You still can not completely freeze them, but at least slow them down. Especially Zane players are welcome to hear that.

In response, Gearbox has responded to criticism that the screen is sometimes over-filled by explosions: "Explosions created by enemy badass weapons now have a much faster blast effect to reduce the clutter on the screen." That should be just in the endgame become much clearer.

In addition, Gearbox has announced various bug fixes.

Especially Zane players benefit from the patch

How the community reacts: On reddit, the patch has a very positive echo. The players are happy that many wishes have been answered – as with the Bloody Harvest patch already. "Cryo Zane is alive again!", User "FutureDr_" is pleased about the adaptation of the anointed opponents. Also, the extra loot at Haunt pleased many. Performance improvement in the split screen, however, despite the desire is still missing – whether Gearbox will soon also be improved?

In any case, the next major milestone of Borderlands 3 is soon approaching:

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