Boris Becker: – Slaughtered after inappropriate comment

Alexander Zverev (23) impressed an entire tennis world with a wild comeback when he beat Spanish Pablo Carreño Busta (29) 3-2 in the semifinals of this year’s US Open on Saturday. The German was below 0-2 in sets but managed to turn around what looked like a very difficult task.

But, it was not just Zverev’s performance that should get attention after the match.

The German tennis legend Boris Becker (52) was at work as an expert for Eurosport during the settlement and was to make a comment that attracted a lot of attention.

GROWTH: Tennis icon Boris Becker’s elbows are attracting attention. Reporter: Jostein Sletten / Dagbladet TV
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Becker, who has won six Grand Slam titles, chose to say the following about the match’s main referee, Marijana Veljovic (33), when the match was over.

– I must say that this judge is extremely sweet. You eat with your eyes, he must say.

After the match, several have reacted to Becker’s comment.

Freelance journalist Petra Philippsen questions the tennis profile’s behavior in this tweet:

In the comments section of the twitter message, and in the tennis community in general, there are several who condemn Becker’s behavior, and describe it as very inappropriate and outdated.

TOP JUDGE: Marijana Veljovic is one of the best judges in the tennis circus. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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This is not the first time the German legend has had to endure criticism for an inappropriate comment. Becker has previously compared tennis star Nick Kyrgios to a rat.

Becker has stolen headlines several times in recent years. In 2017, the German tennis icon was declared bankrupt.

After the career was over, the use of money must have slipped completely. According to German media, the 52-year-old owed just over half a billion kroner which he was unable to repay.

– Waking up was tiring

He has had to sell many of his most valuable assets – including some of the total of six Grand Slam trophies he won in his career – at auction. On Thursday it was completed.

According to the bankruptcy trustee, Becker raised 680,000 pounds – almost seven million kroner – from selling trophies, watches and clothes, among other things. It wrote the BBC.

The 52-year-old previously stated to Dagbladet that he was clearly tired of all the writings in the tabloid press, but realizes that it is part of the package as one of tennis’ biggest icons.

– I have strong opinions and I am still a lot in magazines and newspapers for a number of reasons. It’s just part of being Boris Becker and I do not know anything about it, it’s just the way it is, the German explains.

Zverev also lost the US Open final against Dominic Thiem on Monday night. Zverev clearly won the first two sets and threatened to sweep the Austrian off the field, but then Thiem woke up and won the next three sets.

Turns heads

Turns heads

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