Boris Johnson, a crisis of confidence

Sunday, May 29, 2022, 23:49

The long-awaited publication of Sue Gray’s report on the frequent parties at 10 Downing Street, in a period of pandemic lockdown in which social gatherings were prohibited for the rest of the population, barely elicited a rhetorical apology from Boris Johnson. The British ‘premier’ has a pending parliamentary investigation, which does not predict the resignation that neither the revelations of the Police nor those of the senior official obtained; in this last case, in addition, previously provided by the media, with images of the happy meetings included. The ‘premier’ feels so sure that he has just modified the ministerial code of conduct to exempt from the obligation to resign those members of the Government who violate “minor” rules. Eighteen of his deputies repudiate Johnson, far from the 54 needed to try to impeach him. Only the citizens as a whole can express at the polls their degree of fed up with a leader sheltered after the war in Ukraine who discredits his position and undermines confidence in the political system as a whole. But the elections are still two years away.

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