Boris Johnson asked the US to send fighter jets to Ukraine

He Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday asked the US to send fighter jets to Ukraine. His request comes after the US president, Joe Biden, assured that he would not provide this reinforcement that the country claims for his defense of the Russian invasion.

God bless America for having the guts and wisdom to help. Now I implore you to follow the logic of what you are doing and give the Ukrainians the tools to finish the job.”Johnson pleaded. The former British prime minister advocated providing Ukraine “all the tools to finish the job”including tanks and F-16 fighter jets.

Biden stressed this Monday that the US Air Force will not supply these fighters to kyiv. This fourth generation resource has become a priority task of the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky. Johnson stressed that the US contribution is “noble and enormous”but “It’s still only 5% of the annual defense budget.” from the country.