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Sunak, who led the Brexit election campaign, said he was “confused” by accusations in some quarters that he was not enough of a supporter of Brexit.

“I keep reading in a way that I’m not Brexit enough in this driving race,” he said. “I think I was the one who voted for Brexit in the first place and campaigned for it.

“It’s created radical new locations for freelancers across the country, an idea I had, and it’s now attracting jobs and investment to where it’s needed most.”

“My work experience means I can lead our economy into the future and seize the opportunities that lie ahead if we are willing to embrace them boldly and ambitiously,” he added.

Ms Truss said she had been “very ambiguous” about Brexit ahead of the 2016 referendum in which she voted to remain and she was “not sure”. She said she was “concerned about the potential disruption” of leaving the European Union.

Ms Truss said she would not impose an “arbitrary” cap on immigration because: “I think we should have the skills that we need in our country, but I don’t believe in arbitrary target, and if we had one before, wouldn’t do the work.” “

She said she would withdraw Britain from the European Court of Human Rights, which is not part of the European Union, adding: “If I have to, I would prefer legislation through the UK Bill of Rights.”

Asked how many post-Brexit trade deals are now in force, she said there are “just over 70” and some of them have offered UK companies “better deals than under the EU”.

“I wish the media would spend more time talking about business deals than political differences,” she added.