Boris Johnson’s earthly paradise in Marbella is also fiscal

LondonThe super-luxury villa near Marbella, and also next to the municipality of Benahavís, in the province of Malaga, where British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been spending a few days on family vacations since the end of last week, has been linked to different companies based in tax havens.

The property has two swimming pools and 2.5 square kilometers. Renting it costs € 30,000 per week, according to the UK media. According to some of the images published in recent days, Johnson has dedicated himself, among other tasks, to painting to capture the beauty of the landscape, an activity that his admired Winston Churchill also practiced and that links him with the tradition of the English romantics. , who were already used to traveling to warmer latitudes.

The information made public this Thursday by the newspaper The Guardian indicates that the farm belongs to a web of opaque companies based in different tax havens that are owned by the billionaire Secretary of State for the Environment, Zac Goldsmith, a very close friend of the wife of the premier, Carrie Symonds.

The documentation consulted by the newspaper suggests that Goldsmith and his family could have been the owners of the villa through a company headquartered in Malta which, in turn, is owned by another company based in the Turks and Caicos Islands, in the waters of the Atlantic, southeast of the Bahamas, Crown Overseas Territories that are basically tax havens and retirement grounds for UK billionaires. The Turks and Caicos Islands Society Trustee is a Swiss-based estate planning firm.

The information of The Guardian It is published a few days after all kinds of operations in tax havens by politicians, businessmen, athletes and in general the so-called jet set, in the revelations known as the pandora papers. Information relating to the United Kingdom has revealed that a major Conservative Party donor has benefited from the concealment of his fortune in different tax havens.

Despite the fact that Zac Goldsmith has declared ownership of the company on his interest register, and therefore there is nothing illegal about his behavior, the fact that Johnson benefits from the scheme, as well as his party from the donations tax evaders, calls into question the will of the premier, and in general of the conservatives, to end the territories opaque to any type of taxation, many of which, in fact, move from law firms in the City of London, as the journalist Nicholas Shaxson has shown in his book book Treasure islands.

On the other hand, the days of vacations in Johnson’s earthly paradise, which is now seen to be also fiscal, have not escaped the controversy in the United Kingdom, taking into account the different crises that the country is going through: skyrocketing price of gas, lack of supply of oil and food determinants and, among other things, lack of labor in slaughterhouses to slaughter the animals that come from the food chain.