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Borissov: That MRF played for “There is such a people” is a fact – Elections 2021 – Bulgaria – NOVA News

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“We have always said that there is a scam in this election. The numbers show it. The fact that the MRF played for ITN is a fact, “said party leader Boyko Borissov during a GERB briefing.

He quoted the words of the acting Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov, who said a few days ago that a famous politician from the recent past had bought votes from Vratsa, Montana and Vidin for a party with a certain ethnicity.

“Then someone pulled Rashkov’s brake abruptly. This is Radev, who knows about all the joints. It is interesting for me to see if any media will go to see who this MP is who bought votes, “Borissov added.

Will the ITN cabinet be supported? (VIDEO)

“Everywhere in the mixed areas in the forestries, where the Muslims find food, in the water supply and sewerage sectors – all appointments are made by the MRF. Where there were not enough people – from the BSP “, the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria was categorical.

“The commitment to the MRF has already ended. Appointments are made. Now the MRF can stand aside. Our friend Hristo Ivanov says that if there is a minority government only with the votes of ITN, it will very quickly turn into a “kiss of death”. Correct. This will become another government, which is floating on the waves of obscure majorities and we will always see the jellyfish of the MRF on these waves, “Borissov explained.

Where do the candidates for deputies elected in two districts come from?

“The MRF has purposefully poured votes for” There is such a people “in Kardzhali, Ardino, Dzhebel, Krumovgrad, Madan, Rudozem. The MRF loses a little more than 7,000 votes, and the ITN takes nearly 11,000 votes, “said Daniel Mitov of GERB. He added that after the final result of the elections and analysis it became clear that the total number of votes in Bulgaria gives an advantage and victory to GERB-UDF with nearly 3000 votes difference. According to him, it is no secret that the advantage of ITN came from abroad.

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Mitov added that ITN have received very serious support from the Roma sections in Sofia.

“Radev boasted that the cabinet had successfully” dismantled “the previous government. Apparently he gave such a task. No president has so far allowed himself to abuse the Constitution in the way that Rumen Radev does. He is waging a war against democracy and society. This is disastrous and he will have to pay for it in the upcoming presidential election, “added Daniel Mitov.

Boyko Borissov reminded that dozens of GERB cadres were interrogated before the elections.

“Over 3,000 GERB members were summoned for questioning and subjected to tax audits and arrests,” Borissov said.

According to Borissov, it is best for GERB to keep the caretaker government, as it will sink Rumen Radev.

The political reactions were not late either.

“It has long been irrelevant what the former prime minister is saying. Everything is only to his detriment and to the detriment of his party, “Rumen Radev said.

“There are metaphors and meaning in political speech. In the meaning of the words and their arrangement. I do not want to go into a detailed analysis, because I have not heard what it is about – who I am hanging on my neck and what I will immerse “, commented Stefan Yanev.

The press center of “There is such a people” explained that they would not comment on Borissov’s statements. The MRF also remained silent. However, the unknowns remain – which parties would support the ITN in parliament.

Katsarov: I did not lie in “Pirogov”, my signature in the documents is forged

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Boyko Borissov also commented on the case of Stoycho Katsarov. According to him, the truth will come out.

Asked by a journalist whether the chief prosecutor would be released, Borissov said: “I am not interested in either Lozan Panov or Ivan Geshev. These are independent institutions. “

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