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ROUNDUP: Broadcom expands software business with billion-euro purchase of VMware

NEW YORK – The chip company Broadcom drives its software business with the $61 billion purchase of VMware Ahead. With this acquisition, the largest to date by a chip company, Broadcom CEO Hock Tan is continuing his shopping spree of recent years, with which he has made the group one of the most diversified companies in the chip industry. In the end, the main focus was on software. In 2018, for example, the group took over CA Technologies and Symantec’s corporate security business in 2019.

War in Ukraine and Corona in China are slowing down Nvidia

SANTA CLARA – The business of the chip specialist Nvidia
is slowed down by the consequences of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and the corona lockdowns in China. In the current quarter, these two factors are expected to reduce sales by $500 million, as Nvidia announced after the US market closed on Wednesday. The sales forecast of around 8.1 billion dollars (7.6 billion euros) was below the expectations of the analysts. The stock fell by around 7 percent in after-hours trading.

Circles: Apple expects iPhone sales to stagnate in 2022

LONDON – Apple According to insiders, doubts about an increase in iPhone sales in the current year. The group has set its suppliers to produce around 220 million of the smartphones for 2022, which is roughly the same as last year, the Bloomberg news agency reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter. So far, around 240 million units are expected on the market. However, Apple does not publish production targets and has not announced the number of iPhones sold since 2019.

Musk reallocates funding for Twitter deal

AUSTIN – Tech billionaire Elon Musk wants for the planned Twitter takeover no longer take out loans secured by his shares. Originally, he wanted to get $ 12.5 billion (11.7 billion euros) in this way. However, a statement from the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday said that Musk wanted to contribute this amount in another way. The boss of the electric car manufacturer Tesla had presented funding commitments of over $46 billion for the Twitter deal.

British government announces special tax for energy giants

LONDON – In view of the exploding cost of living, the British government wants to impose a special tax on energy companies and relieve consumers. The plan, which Finance Minister Rishi Sunak presented to Parliament in London on Thursday, envisages that the temporary levy will bring 5 billion British pounds (almost 6 billion euros) into the state coffers over the course of the coming year. Oil and gas companies have to pay tax on their profits at 25 percent. There should be allowances for investments. The tax should be levied until energy prices return to normal levels, said the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Qatar Airways loses again in court in dispute with Airbus

LONDON/TOULOUSE – The aircraft manufacturer Airbus has won another interim victory in court in a dispute with major customer Qatar Airways. A British court on Thursday rejected the airline’s request for an injunction that Airbus should stop deliveries to the state-owned airline. Qatar Airways must therefore continue to purchase and pay for Airbus A350 aircraft, even if the legal dispute continues. A handful of deliveries of the type are planned for the coming years. This is the second defeat for the Gulf airline.

VW closes a million-dollar settlement in a class action lawsuit in the diesel scandal

LONDON/WOLFSBURG – The Volkswagen automobile group
has reached a settlement of around 227 million euros (193 million pounds) after a British class action lawsuit in the diesel scandal. More than 90,000 owners of diesel vehicles from the Volkswagen brands VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda had complained because of manipulated emissions data. The case, which was due to be heard in London’s High Court in January 2023, is believed to be the largest class action lawsuit ever brought before an English court.

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