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ROUNDUP: Energy group Uniper applies for government stabilization measures

DÜSSELDORF – The ailing energy company Uniper
submitted an application for stabilization measures to the federal government after Russian gas supplies had been curtailed and the associated price jumps. The proposal also provides for equity components that would lead to a relevant federal investment in Uniper, as the company announced in a mandatory announcement to the stock exchange on Friday. Accordingly, Uniper also proposes being able to pass on price increases to customers. The measures were aimed at ending the current accumulation of significant losses and covering Uniper’s liquidity needs.

Uniper: Fortum is also in talks with the federal government

DÜSSELDORF – Unipers Finnish major shareholder Fortum
According to the Düsseldorf group, is also holding talks with the federal government. These relate to the negative effects of the current gas supply restrictions imposed by Russia on Uniper shared the MDax
-Group on Friday in Düsseldorf. Fortum’s proposal provides for a restructuring of Uniper with the aim of establishing a security of supply company owned by the federal government. The gas crisis and heavy reliance on Russia have put Uniper in financial difficulties.

Kreise: No decision on the rescue package for Uniper yet

BERLIN – The federal government is negotiating with the energy company Uniper more about support measures. The German Press Agency learned from government circles on Friday that there is still no rescue plan for Uniper and no decisions on concrete measures. A multi-billion dollar investment by the federal government in Uniper via a stake in equity is possible. However, a mix with the possibility of Uniper passing on high gas price increases to customers is also conceivable. In the amended Energy Security Act, the possibility of a surcharge for all gas customers has been created.

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ROUNDUP: Tag Immobilien raises money for acquisition with capital increase – price drop

HAMBURG – TAG Real Estate wants to finance the takeover of the Polish housing developer Robyg in part with money from a capital increase. According to a statement on Friday, the company intends to raise around 200 million euros by issuing around 29 million new shares at 6.90 euros each. Members of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board also want to take part in the move. The already battered stock fell to its lowest level since 2015 in response to the news.

ROUNDUP 2/Gas Crisis: Clear the way for more coal-fired power plants

BERLIN – Because of the gas crisis, the Bundestag and Bundesrat have cleared the way for using more coal-fired power plants to generate electricity. The aim is to save and store gas in this way. At the same time, late Thursday evening, the members of the Bundestag decided to grant state aid to ailing energy companies such as Uniper to facilitate. As an option, a pay-as-you-go system can also be created so that price jumps in gas for energy suppliers can be passed on to customers more evenly – as a replacement for the rules that have been possible up to now. However, the Federal Government wants to avoid having to use this instrument.

2/China: Auto market recovers significantly in June after dry spell – PCA

BEIJING – There are increasing signs of a recovery in the Chinese car market, which is extremely important for German manufacturers. After the declines of the previous months, China’s car dealers sold 1.97 million vehicles in June, 22 percent more than a year earlier and a good 43 percent more than in the previous month, according to data from the industry association PCA on Friday. This is a positive sign after the country’s auto market had long suffered from corona lockdowns and the problems faced by car manufacturers as a result of chip shortages. Since May 2021, there has only been one month of growth in sales to end customers.

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Additional Reports

-Twitter stock under pressure – Report: Musk deal in serious jeopardy

-War, corona lockdowns and chip shortages are putting pressure on BMW sales

Circles: Elliott interferes in Swedish Match purchase by Philip Morris

-‘HB’: Federal government could take a stake of over 30 percent in Uniper

-Frankfurt Airport is stable with reduced Lufthansa flights

ROUNDUP: Boeing boss questions future of troubled 737 Max 10

-Eurowings increases prices by at least ten percent

-Tourism in Germany almost reaches pre-crisis level

-Central German car industry sees itself prepared for combustion engines

-Prognosis: Consumption of ‘alternative proteins’ will increase

-RKI report: Millions of people would have to refresh their Covid 19 vaccination

-Electronics industry continues to receive many orders

-Some people are skeptical about recruiting airport staff abroad

-Federal government not alerted to reports of F-35 shortages

-Virtual general meeting becomes a permanent solution

-Gazprombank considers sale of Swiss subsidiary

-Boehringer boss sees danger for pharmaceutical location and research

-ROUNDUP: Responding too slowly? Criticism of the federal government because of flight chaos

-Operator: Way for reactivation of charcoal piles not yet clear

-Bavaria submits law for longer nuclear lifetimes in the Bundesrat

-Two weeks production break in Tesla factory in Grünheide

-Federal Council approves legislative package to expand green electricity

-Gazprombank considers sale of Swiss subsidiary

-Air Transport Association: Also need structural improvements

-NWR state government no longer wants to heat buildings in some cases

-Stranded customers: SAS brings vacationers home with around 100 flights

– Natural gas pipeline between Greece and Bulgaria starts operation

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-Federal Council approves new specifications for nitrate-polluted agricultural areas

-Warning strike at WDR: The first shows ‘Live after Nine’ canned

-Bund takes over Rostock shipyard site for marine from August 1st

Minister: Gas production in the North Sea should ensure supply

-‘Normal holiday’: Rather quiet start at BER Airport

-Press funding plans: states increase pressure on Bund° in the Bundesrat

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