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IRW PRESS: Mota Ventures Corp. : Mota Ventures has 20,000
Customers in March and launched new Immune Support product line




VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (April 4, 2020) – Mota Ventures Corp. (CSE:
MOTA FWB: 1WZ: GR OTC: PEMTF) (the company or Mota) is happy to
to report on the current progress, which is the rise of
Drive sales of its First Class CBD brand products.
The Immune Support product line has been with consumers since
Launched on March 14, 2020 very well received and was in March
important growth factor. First Class CBD was released in March
a total of 20,959 customers, including 6,419 customers for the
Immune support line, each with an initial order in the
Have given up an average value of $ 218.40.

The company will launch a new brand on April 6, 2020:
Natures Exclusive CBD. The new Natures Exclusive CBD brand will
a new line of immune support and CBD products with one
bring higher CBD content to the market. The company expects
moreover, the financial results of First Class in the next few days
CBD to be released for March 2020.

March was an outstanding month and the number of new customers
exceeded our expectations. We believe that this is the case
a sign of our ability to adhere to the dynamic
E-commerce sector to adapt as well as the upcoming trends in the
Recognize consumer demand. I am excited about that
rapid progress and look forward to the coming days
to publish the results for March, says Ryan Hoggan, CEO
the company.

The initial average order value per customer was below
Using the Bank of Canada’s average exchange rate
for March 2020 – 1.3953 – from US dollars to Canadian dollars

About Mota Ventures Corp.

Mota is an established e-commerce company serving consumers in
the United States and Europe directly a wide range of
Offers CBD products. It sells in the United States
Company through its brands First Class CBD and Natures Exclusive
CBD hemp oil recipes made from hemp grown in the United States
and have been formulated. In Europe, the award-winning 100%
biological CBD oils and cosmetics of its brand Sativida in Spain,
Portugal, Austria, Germany, France and the United States
Kingdom expelled. Mota Ventures is also aiming to acquire
sales-generating CBD brands and companies in Europe and in
North America to establish an international distribution network for
Build CBD products. The cost-effective production, paired with
international sales channels aimed directly at customers,
will be the basis for Mota Ventures’ success.



Ryan Hoggan

Chief Executive Officer

For more information, readers are encouraged to contact
President Joel Shacker at 604.423.4733 or by
Email to IR@motaventuresco.com or www.motaventuresco.com too

Neither the Canadian Securities Exchange, nor theirs
Regulatory service providers (in accordance with Canadian regulations
Securities Exchange) accepts responsibility for the accuracy
or accuracy of this press release by management
was created.

Precautionary statement regarding forward-looking statements

All statements in this press release except the statements
about historical facts, forward-looking information is in
Relation to the company within the meaning of the applicable securities laws,
including the expected launch of products under the
First Class CBD brand; First Class CBD financial results;
his plans to become a vertically integrated global CBD brand;
of his plans to cultivate and extract cannabis to CBD
and high-quality CBD value-added products in Latin America for the
Manufacture sales at home and abroad. The company provides
Forward-looking statements are available to provide information about the
current expectations and plans for the future
convey, and readers are cautioned that such
Statements may not be suitable for other purposes. This
Information is inherently subject to risks and
Uncertainties that can be general or specific and that
open up the possibility that expectations, forecasts,
Predictions, predictions or conclusions are not correct
prove that assumptions may be incorrect and that
Goals, strategic goals and priorities cannot be achieved. To
These risks and uncertainties include the risks and
Uncertainties in the public filings of the
Company under the company’s SEDAR profile
www.sedar.com can be identified and reported. Although that
Company has tried to identify key factors that
could cause actual actions, events
or results significantly different from those in the forward-looking
Information described may differ, there may be other factors
that could lead to actions, events or
Results are not as expected, estimated or intended. It
cannot be guaranteed that such information will be considered
prove correct since the actual results and future ones
Events significantly from those expected in such statements
can deviate. The company rejects any intention or
Obligation to update or revise
forward-looking information, be it due to new
Information, future events or other reasons,
unless required by law.

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