Börse Express – Microsoft share +796.8%: 2 top growth news for the second half of the year

Microsoft (WKN: 870747) has delivered fantastic returns to its shareholders over the past decade. Since June 11, 2012, the price has climbed a whopping 796.8% to currently $252.99 (as of June 13, 2022). Microsoft is a strong investment. And I don’t see any reason why this should change in the next ten years either. After all, the IT group is making great strides. The moat is getting stronger in numerous areas.

Growth project cloud gaming

In particular, the group would like to significantly expand its Xbox offering. So far, Xbox cloud gaming is available on mobile, Windows PC, and Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. From June 30, the service will also be extended to TV sets for the first time. Owners of a 2022 Samsung Smart TV can then install the Xbox app on their devices via the Samsung Gaming Hub. In conjunction with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, customers are able to access over 100 games.

With this, Microsoft is boldly advancing in terms of cloud gaming. And I think the technically demanding plan can work out. With Azure, Microsoft has the necessary cloud expertise and, thanks to many strong acquisitions in the gaming sector, is also ahead in terms of content. competitor Sony (WKN: 853687) is now clearly lagging behind.

Office growth project

Microsoft was also able to expand its partnership with DocuSign. The deal provides for greater integration of DocuSign software with products such as Teams, Dynamics, Office and Microsoft 365. Furthermore, both companies will also rely on the partner’s products within their own organization. Among other things, the company will use DocuSign eSignature for electronic signatures. DocuSign, in turn, will leverage Microsoft’s Power Platform to automate a variety of business processes.

The first rumors arose that Microsoft was preparing to take over DocuSign with this strategic cooperation. I think the San Francisco company, which was founded in 2003, would definitely fit in with Microsoft. Of course, we fools don’t let rumors guide us, we stick to the hard facts. The fact is, with or without DocuSign: Microsoft is excellently positioned with its software and cloud solutions.

Microsoft remains a world-class company

The management around CEO Satya Nadella put on the brakes a few days ago, but that doesn’t change much in the company’s strong perspective. For the fourth quarter of 2021/2022, the Management Board now only expects sales of a maximum of USD 52.7 billion. This adjustment is really only minimal.


Microsoft has long been an integral part of the working world thanks to Windows, Office and teams. Like many other tech giants, Microsoft is benefiting from the fact that more and more employees, pupils and students are working from home. In order for this to work, companies and private individuals need an enormous amount of storage space and numerous apps in the cloud.

In the long term, the Redmond company also has the best chance of becoming number 1 in the gaming sector. After all, it is about building and maintaining an ecosystem. The device on which the customers gamble plays a subordinate role. And here, I think, the company will soon be ahead with its Xbox Gamepass, the growing cloud gaming and many strong franchises.

Microsoft stock still has room for improvement

Right now, we’re getting Microsoft stock at an attractive price-to-earnings ratio of 26.1. I see the fair value of the share at 350 US dollars in view of the euphonious growth music.

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