Börse Express – Nordex gets fresh money again

HAMBURG (dpa-AFX) – The wind turbine manufacturer Nordex
gets fresh money again. This time, a gross amount of 212 million euros is to flow into the cash register through a capital increase with subscription rights, as the company announced on Sunday evening. Most recently, Nordex had a private placement with its major Spanish shareholder Acciona two weeks ago announced, through which a good 139 million euros gross should be taken.

The subscription price for the new shares was set at EUR 5.90, as it was said on Sunday. On Friday, Nordex shares closed the main Xetra trading at EUR 8.90. Nordex shareholders can purchase 10 new shares for every 49 existing shares at the subscription price. Acciona will exercise the subscription rights for its current share capital of 39.66 percent. Shares for which the subscription rights were not exercised as part of the subscription rights offer are fully subscribed to by a banking consortium. The subscription period runs from July 13th to 26th.

According to the statements, the capital structure should be strengthened by increasing the equity ratio in the currently volatile market environment for the wind energy sector. The increased liquidity protects against short-term industry-specific risks

Nordex started the new year with heavy losses. When presenting the figures, the company cited the costs for the realignment of rotor blade production, lower installation performance and increased raw material and logistics costs as reasons. Also other wind turbine manufacturers like Vestas and Siemens Gamesa are cautious about the current year due to rising costs and supply chain disruptions. Nordex had postponed the presentation of its quarterly results to mid-June due to a cyber security incident and was out of the SDax due to the late announcement geflogen./he

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