Bosch will invest 120 million dollars in plant 4.0 in Mexico


Bosch will build a manufacturing plant 4.0 in Mexico to develop sensors and electronic components of the automotive sector that will supply North America and in the future to Latin America (AL), for which – this Tuesday, from Germany – will announce the investment for 120 million dollars, with the generation of 1,200 jobs.

The new smart factory that will be installed in Celaya, Guanajuato, will become the twelfth of the German company in Mexico, as a sign of confidence in our country to continue expanding its production and generate jobs.

The world’s leading provider of technology and services reported that the plant will open in mid-2019, with an extension of 22,000 square meters and 72,000 square meters of land to increase production capacity.

The German company invests $ 150 million annually in Mexico as part of the expansion, modernization and technological development, so that the investment of the plant will be additional for 2018 and 2019.

From Guanajuato, where automakers such as Mazda, Toyota, and their suppliers have settled, Bosch will manufacture electric control units (ECU) for the US market, whose component is key to connected mobility.

Next to the Ciudad Juárez plant, the Celaya plant will house the second plant of the Automotive Electronics division in Mexico.

“With the new location we are responding to the growing demand for electronic components in the US market,” said René Schlegel, president of Grupo Bosch in Mexico.

In order to increase efficiency and competitiveness as a leading manufacturing location worldwide, Mexico is focusing more and more on the use of Industry 4.0, where Bosch is playing a role in that.

The new facilities in Celaya will have smart, state-of-the-art production lines that will employ a manufacturing execution system that automatically collects data and shares production information in real time.

As a leading provider of industry 4.0 solutions, the Bosch Group sees local business opportunities in Mexico.

According to projections by the world’s leading autoparts, it is expected that by 2019, manufacturing in most of the Bosch factories in Mexico will be equipped with the intelligent control system.

Mexico is a country of great importance for Bosch, like the United States, where it has about 25 plants, in addition to Brazil.


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