The costume misstep by Rafinha (33).

Disguised as a sheikh and armed with bomb dummy, the German-Brazilian came to the Halloween party of the Bayern stars on Wednesday. An outfit that causes trouble, especially among the Arab fans.

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Photo: Instagram / Jerome Boateng

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This costume by Rafinha caused a stirPhoto: Instagram / Jerome Boateng

BILD talked to Mohamed Daibes (26), founder of the "FC Bayern Fan Club Qatar" about the Rafinha disguise.

Daibes: "I was shocked by the Rafinha photo! We know that he has many Arab friends. He is not a racist. We know that he does not mean us Muslims, but Islamists. I also disguised myself as a sheikh for Halloween. But without bombs. I still like Rafinha. But before he does something, he should think twice in the future. "

On the social networks, Rafinha apologized for his Halloween costume. In the comments under his post, he was abused by Arabian Bayern fans.

Daibes: "These messages are shameful. Such people are not educated. Rafinha should not worry about such hate comments. "



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