Boss Tokocrypto Kuak Causes Crypto Loyo, Then Use This Tactic – The crypto asset market is sluggish or weakening at the end of 2021. The value of big cap coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum continues to erode.

As a cryptocurrency trading company, Tokocrypto is also feeling the effects of this dynamic.

Tokocrypto’s Vice President of Marketing, Aditya Raflein said, if you look at the cycle from last years, there are many factors that cause it.

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“One of them is that many investors cash out to meet the needs of Christmas and year-end holidays,” he said.

Meanwhile, throughout 2021, Aditya admitted that crypto asset investment experienced an increasing trend.

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In Tokocrypto itself, he continued, there are now more than 2 million registered users and routinely trading crypto assets.

Meanwhile, the daily transaction volume for 2020-2021 has reached more than US$191 million, up from US$2 million in the 2019-2020 period.

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“This forms an understanding that crypto as an asset and commodity has the potential as a digital product and creates a new ecosystem,” he said.

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