Boston Celtics beat Brooklyn Nets by 43 points difference in the NBA

Boston Celtics (37-15), leader of the Eastern Conference, comfortably surpassed Brooklyn Nets (31-20), who is positioned fourth, by 139 to 96, with the figure of Jayson Tatum adding 31 points, in one of NBA regular season games.

The Celtics dominated from the start, racking up 46 points in the first quarter alone with Tatum adding in that stretch with 18 points. At halftime, Boston had taken a 34-point lead against a Brooklyn team that missed the injured Kevin Durant.

Tatum’s 31 points are broken down as follows, 5-7 on doubles and 7-12 on triples, contributing nine rebounds and seven assists, helped by Jaylen Brown who added 26 points, while Robert Williams III finished with 16.

Six Boston players finished in double figures after the team’s strong performance, while on the Nets star Kyrie Irving led the scoring with 20 points, while Cam Thomas scored 19.

Other scores: Portland Trail Blazers 122-Memphis Grizzlies 112, Houston Rockets 112-Oklahoma City Thunder 106, Sacramento Kings 119-San Antonio Spurs 109, Philadelphia Sixers 105-Orlando Magic 94, Minnesota Timberwolves 119-Golden State Warriors 114 (in overtime). ), Utah Jazz 131-Toronto Raptors 128 and Atlanta Hawks 132-Phoenix Suns

In the Western Conference the leader is Denver with 35-16, followed by Memphis 32-19 and Sacramento 29-21; while in the East Boston is the leader with 37-15, Milwaukee Bucks 34-17 and Philadelphia Sixers 33-17.