Both warm and rainy weather expected this week BNN

Warm and mostly sunny weather is expected in the coming days as well. In the middle of the week, a slow to moderate northerly wind will bring colder air into the country, so the heat wave will end, while at the end of the working week rain is expected mainly in the eastern part of the country, but on holidays the air will warm again to + 20… + 25 degrees Celsius, Geology and Meteorology Center.

On Monday, August 10, the amount of clouds in the sky will change, however, significant precipitation is not expected – only in some places in the north-east of Latvia is possible short-term rain with thunderstorms. During the day the clouds will gradually dissipate, and both at night and on Tuesdays during the day the skies will be mostly clear.

During daylight hours, the air will warm to + 20… + 25 degrees at the beginning of the week, in some places to + 27… + 29 degrees on Monday, but the glow will be somewhat calmed by a slow to moderate north wind. The night hours are also expected to be warm – the air temperature will stay within + 10… + 14 degrees, in some places on the coast + 15… + 17 degrees, but at night on Wednesday in some places in the east it will be colder – there + 8… + 9 degrees.

In the middle of the week, cooler air from Scandinavia will enter the territory, so the heat will temporarily decrease – in many places the air temperature will not exceed + 17… + 20 degrees per day, only in some areas the air will warm to + 21… + 22 degrees, but the nights will remain as warm as at the beginning of the week.

Partly cloudy skies are expected, with brief rain in some parts of the east on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday, a precipitation zone will approach Latvia from the north, in many places, mainly in the eastern part, bringing rain, which will rain intermittently until Friday afternoon.

On Friday night, the wind will gradually turn from south-west to south, thus bringing warmer air to Latvia again, thus on weekends the air temperature will reach + 20… + 25 degrees in many places, while in the dark hours of the day it will not be colder than + 13… + 18 degrees. On Saturday, light rain is expected in some places to the east, while on Sunday the sun will shine in many places. The water temperature on the bay coast will be around +20 degrees.

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