On the Kinopoisk portal, Internet bots have dropped the rating of the film “Crimean Bridge. Made with love! ”Directed by Tigran Keosayan, who was released on November 1; out of 1 thousand 300 who voted more than 1 thousand put 1 out of 10 points. A significant part of the votes belong to Kinopoisk users, who registered only after the release of the film and did not rate any more films, reports Daily Storm. Experts in the field of information technology have noticed that this demonstrates the use of the simplest techniques of the collapse of the rating using new accounts. According to the portal, most rated "Krymsky bridge" for the minimum score were registered on the portal only from 1 to 3 November. Their accounts do not contain pictures, the names consist of either a name and a few numbers, or a set of letters and numbers. This method of collapse of the ranking IT specialists called the simplest, since it does not require automation and can be produced by one or several people. After ratings of 1 and 2 points, the most were ratings of 10 out of 10. There is no detailed review of the film yet. On other resources, the work of bots in relation to the "Crimean Bridge" is not seen. Reviewers on kino-teatr.ru criticize the film, but rather lean toward an average rating of 4-5 points out of 10. Critics of kinoafisha.info and afisha.mail.ru also rated the tape at 5-7 points out of 10, calling the film not perfect, but interesting for several categories of viewers. Earlier, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that he had watched the film “The Crimean Bridge. Made with love! ”, And appreciated it. Scriptwriter Margarita Simonyan told me that this is a film about love, which is developing against the background of the construction of the Crimean bridge.


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