Bouches-du-Rhône: a former socialist deputy sentenced to one year in prison for spending public funds at the casino

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This Monday, November 22, Henri Jibrayel, former socialist elected representative of Bouches-du-Rhône, was sentenced to one year in prison, including six months closed. He was found guilty of gambling with funds paid by the National Assembly to the casino but appealed against this decision.

This Monday, November 22, the former socialist deputy of Bouches-du-Rhones Henri Jirbayel was sentenced to one year in prison, including six months closed. He will have to serve his sentence at home using an electronic bracelet. The former deputy was convicted of having financed casino expenses with funds paid by the National Assembly.

Of “particular gravity”, these facts “undermine the confidence that citizens are entitled to expect from their representatives” indicated the president of the tribunal. A fine of 10,000 euros was thus imposed as well as a deprivation of civic and civil rights for five years. This deprivation includes eligibility.

Henri Jibrayel was found guilty of embezzlement of public funds. He will have to pay the National Assembly 18,500 euros in damages. This sum corresponds to the amount of personal expenses, including 13,800 euros played at the Aix-en-Provence casino, recalls Ouest France. Because of “personal problems” the former elected had admitted having a temporary addiction to the game, between 2012 and 2013, thus asking to be banned from the casino.

“Gambling expense money is my money”

The reimbursement of a credit of 28,400 euros for the purchase of a vehicle with the funds from its compensation representative of office expenses and honorary loans granted by the National Assembly was not considered as a embezzlement of public funds.

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Henri Jibrayel had affirmed during the hearing that “the money of the expenses of play, it is my money. I did not use public money, I say it solemnly”. However, a precise analysis of the IRFM account of the former elected representative carried out by the court led to the following conclusion: “a part of the funds paid and intended to cover the costs related to the exercise of his mandate was indeed used for expenses personal “.

The former elected official appealed against this conviction. “In ten years he received on his IRFM account much more than the sums paid for his allowances, it is for this reason that he intends to demonstrate before the court of appeal that the money played was indeed his personal money. “then declared his lawyer at the hearing.