Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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Bourg-en-Bresse: advocates for the animal cause assaulted in front of Bouglione circus

During the week, the association Animal Dignity had called to protest in front of the Bouglione circus, installed on the parking lot of the fairground of Bourg-en-Bresse, in front of the cinema L’Amphi. Purpose, according to one of the spokespersons: “Alert people who come with children that the circus is not an ethical show. The animals are exploited there “. About thirty people gathered, in the early afternoon, across the street, in front of the tent. But the demonstration, scheduled at 14 hours and which was meant peaceful, did not even have time to start, the animals being violently attacked. “We arrived at 1:30 pm, we talked quietly and we distributed the signs, tells Luke, came with his girlfriend and son. We did not see anything coming, they arrived, a dozen men, from behind. It was because we intervened to protect women and children that the blows flew. “The young man was hit by the ribs and received tear gas in his face. He went to the emergency room to report his injuries before filing a complaint. The police surrounded the activists who, failing to demonstrate, remained until the exit of the first spectators, around 16:30, to distribute leaflets, all at a distance. Animal Dignity and the Animal Party, who came to support, intend to file a complaint for aggression but also theft of documents, the aggressors having stolen placards and banners. For his part, the Bouglione circus public relations officer said he had not witnessed the events and did not know the perpetrators. It was only reported that the activists would have been provocative by placing themselves within 100 m of the circus. More information in our paid editions of Sunday, January 14, 2018.

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