Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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Bourg-en-Bresse: protesters against the circus assaulted

A video, witnesses, and a deep anger. Defenders of the animal cause are even more against the “Circassian”, after their demonstration this Saturday, January 12 on the fairground of Bourg-en-Bresse. The activists of the Collective for Animal Dignity do not take off against the people of Bouglionne circus who installed his huge tent and his menagerie in the city bressanne this weekend. Before the start of the demonstration, before 2 pm, two demonstrators were assaulted, ” by men from the circus “As a small group of protesters (about 40 in total) began to display banners on the boulevard Paul Barberot, denouncing the exploitation of wild animals and other wildlife, approached them, seized this material, using tear gas and molesting two men, one of them on the ground. ” My friend was touched by the gas and took shots at the hip “Megane, a Burgian woman who was taking part in her first demonstration, filmed the assault, and the facts also happened in the city’s CCTV cameras, even before the cordon of a dozen According to the demonstrators present at the time of the attacks, the authors then retreated, running, into the circus enclosure “.
The two wounded – one of them being an elderly pensioner – were taken to the hospital by their relatives. All afternoon the group of demonstrators was kept away from the circus by the police without further incidents.
” We will file a complaint for interference with freedom of expression and physical assault “reacts Jacqueline Pellerin, one of the Lyonnais leaders of the Collective.The victims will also seize justice.
5,000 spectators in four performances
Interviewed, Joel Rehde the press relations manager of Bouglione circus, speaks about ” likely provocations ” from the facts , “perhaps insults as was the case in Rennes for example “.” Otherwise, the circus people never react The fact that some activists in the animal cause began to deploy their banners near the circus and in the absence of police officers would have been, according to this spokesman, a source of provocation. of Bouglione had however prepared their message of welcome of the demonstrators, with a video diffused since a truck parked in front of the boulevard Paul Barberot, and denouncing the activism ” mendacious “animal advocates, including the sparse SPA in this propaganda.
This tension did not prevent many spectators, families, from attending the two performances of the afternoon. They showed complete, according to the head of press relations! The marquee can accommodate up to 1,800 people. In four performances, since the day before, the circus had passed 5,000 spectators There is one more show tonight and three more tomorrow.
Passionate about circus since any kid, having known the famous Achille Zavatta, Jean-Pierre, a Burgundian pensioner, looked with amazement and a point of incomprehension the militants of the animal cause. ” The circus is a dream full of eyes. Do you really think that trainers do not like their animals to the point of mistreating them? ”
The debate is not about to close.

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