The wife of a man who was stabbed by a terrorist during a deadly rampage on Bourke Street in central Melbourne revealed how the terrible plot hit them. American Rodney Patterson, 58, was one of three people who were stabbed by Somalis. The born assailant who was shot dead by the police after he crashed and set fire to a car. Mr. Patterson's wife Maree said the couple had "been involved in the attack" before being stabbed. Rodney Patterson (second from left) was one of three people shot by the Somali-born attacker with a knife. He was shot dead by the police after he crashed and set fire to a car. Mr. Patterson and his wife Maree (not pictured) said the couple were "involved in the attack" before being stabbed. "Rodney was hurt – good news is he's in a great hospital and things are going well," she wrote on Facebook. "I can not answer calls at the moment, but I will speak with everyone if I can." Many thanks to all for their wishes and care. "Tasmania MP Will Hodgman praised Mr. Patterson's valiant actions, the Victoria Police said that they treated the incident as a terrorist attack and identified the responsible man, the wolf's loner was taken to hospital in a critical condition, but later died of his wounds.The 31-year-old and his family were state and national His passport was canceled a few years ago after he was classified as one of 300 Potentials Security Threats A terrorist stabbed a buyer at the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne and injured two others – a corpse lay in the street in a white sheet, the video showed a man attempting to stab and beat two policemen with a knife before he was shot and fell to the ground, and a brave buyer also tried to hit him in one fell swoop. It was also found that the police were not in Contact with the man's wife may occur, and believe that she is both missing and radicalized. The authorities hope that for the first time since its entry into force, they will apply the state 's preventive detention laws in which the police are located. Herald Sun allowed a suspect to be detained for up to seven days if he served The opinion is that the person poses a threat or a security risk. PM Andrew Andrews said the attack was "a nasty and scary thing that happened in our state." The leader of the Victorian Liberal Party, Matthew Guy, said: "We must eradicate such a thing", shortly afterwards in a media conference. "Any resource should go to the safety of the Victorians." The officers retreated to the other side of the street than the bearded man An assailant with a shaved head and a long, brown tunic pursued her as horrified onlookers ordered the police to shoot him , The offender chased the officers around a tree as they tried to avoid his blows and persuade the man to capitulate, and a brave spectator tried it. To stop the attack, he was shut down with a shopping cart. The officers retreated to the other side of the street as the bearded assailant, shaved head and dressed in a long brown tunic, pursued them as horrified onlookers calling for the police to fire. The man tried again to stab the officers several times and beat before a police officer tried unsuccessfully to beat him up. His partner shot the attacker in the chest. The Messermann He clutched his chest and fell to the ground, where he was quickly arrested on the sidewalk by two plainclothes officers and taken to a hospital under police station, where he later died on the operating table. The man and his family were known to the Australian Secret Intelligence Organization, the country's domestic spy agency. Its possible links to known terrorist plotters and extremist elements of the North African community in Australia are being investigated. The man moved from Somalia to Australia In the 1990s, Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said he had "minor" offenses related to "cannabis use, theft and driving offenses". He is known to the police and above all known in relation to relatives he has prospects. "Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton and Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said after the attack at a press conference, he is someone who is known by both the Victoria Police and at the federal level," said Commissioner Ashton. "There is no ongoing threat, but this is an ongoing investigation, commanded by the Counter-Terrorism Command and the Victoria Police." Prime Minister Scott Morrison also issued a statement condemning the attacker's actions never be intimidated by these appalling attacks, and we will continue to enjoy our lives and enjoy the freedoms that the terrorists detest, "he wrote." I praise the courage of the local police who became active and those who Selfless leader Bill Shorten also praised the bravery of "our exceptional police officers who acted so quickly and professionally in Melbourne's CBD … and the passers-by whose first instinct lay in giving others to help, "said the witnesses, the Holden Rodeo hit a foot BEGINNERS Before Target, near Swanson Street on Friday at 4:20 am, the curb was on fire and on fire before the stinging raid began. The man was quickly arrested on the sidewalk by two policemen in front of shocked pedestrians who sat back to film the camera. The police said the police responded to reports of a fire before they were confronted by the man. "The officers faced a man who swung and threatened a knife," said Superintendent David Clayton. The Counter-Terrorism Unit will investigate the incident in connection with the homicide squad, but the police are currently not making any threats and are not seeking any other people in connection with the attack. "The exact circumstances are not fixed at this time. The area has been closed off and the public is encouraged to avoid the area. "The attacker was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in critical condition after being shot in the chest, where he later died. One of his victims had a head injury and another an unknown injury. The men were 26 and 58 years old. Witnesses said one of the injured was a security guard who tried to intervene. A police officer suffered minor injuries, but was treated at the scene. Another man, over 60, died of his injuries at Royal Melbourne Hospital. "People tried to help the victims because he had only stung arbitrarily. The guard from the house next door was also stabbed to death, but I saw that he got up, so we know he survived, "a witness told the Herald Sun. The shopper's trolley-hero attempts to defeat Bourke Street's assault hero after trying to defeat a man with a shopping cart during a terrible attack on Bourke Street on Friday. The video, taken from the scene, showed a brave man pushing a shopping cart into the Messermann as he attacked and beat two policemen while a flaming Oute burned in the background. The heroes' actions of the audience were praised in the social media. & # 39; Absolute respect for the shopping cart hero trying to tear down a crazy Messerman with nothing but a metal basket on not very good wheels. "One person tweeted." Incredible work of the Melbourne police, but also spectators – one using a car to try the man, "another said." Policemen trying to knock down a man armed with a knife. Passerby seems to try to bring him out with a shopping cart! "Said one person. Another onlooker who crashed into a traffic jam on Khalif told the Daily Telegraph that the perpetrator had "crazy eyes." Two victims lie in pools of blood on the floor after being stabbed to death by a knife in the street. A witness said he was "scared" after seeing a body in a white sheet on the walkway, police said they responded to reports of a car accident (pictured) before they were confronted by the man. Witnesses said the car hit a pedestrian when it arrived outside Target near the Swanson Street intersection on Friday around 4:20 am. Witnesses reported a chaotic scene with a wounded pedestrian on the ground and numerous police cars and helicopters flying overhead. "The police response was quick and overwhelming. At first I heard at least one shot, "said one." Another said they had heard what sounded like a bomb and a gunshot. "The streets are blocked and the police advise you to stay away from Bourke St. It feels like De Ja Vu," they said regarding the Bourke Street Mall's auto attack last year, which killed six people the pedestrians ran away from the crime scene in all directions. Some hid in nearby cafés and shops and locked themselves in back rooms. The area was closed and the public locked away while shops like Myer, Target and David Jones were evacuated and the bomb squad was called to check the car. The burned-out car sat where it crashed onto the sidewalk and exploded before the raid began. The area was closed off, the public was scared off, shops like Myer, Target and David Jones were evacuated, and the bomb squad called the car. The police asked people to avoid the area and said more information would be available as soon as they arrived were available. Another said she heard "what sounds like a bomb and a rifle shot." Warnings sounded for the first time from the newly installed terrorism warning loudspeakers and said, "This is the Victoria Police, please clear out the area. This is the police of Victoria, please evacuate the area. "The fire was brought under control in about five minutes," said a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. The fire department initially discovered "BBQ-type gas cylinders" in the vehicle, but the bomb-hunters rendered them unusable shortly thereafter. Policemen urge people to avoid the area and say the streets can be closed until 8:00 pm Saturday morning Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp praised the rescue services for their efforts and the city, which had joined forces to support each other. The Melburnians should be reassured by the rapid response from the Victoria Police and Rescue Services, who worked quickly, courageously and effectively to minimize damage to the city. "I am proud of the way our community respects the instructions of the police reacted at the scene. " "I know that many of us are going to feel the effects of these terrible events, and it is important at this time that we unite as a community and support one another." This happens when, in January of last year, a lawsuit continues against the terrible raids in Bourke St. James Gargasoulas is alleged to have deliberately fallen for pedestrians, killing six people and injuring 27 others. The police will investigate whether the attacker was a copycat on Friday that raged last year. Bourke Street Rampage 2017 on January 17, 2017: James Gargasoulas told an employee that if he was being chased by the police, he would continue to drive and run into people. January 18, 2017: Gargasoulas stole a Holden Commodore from Windsor. Early January 20, 2017: Gargasoulas and his brother got into a heated argument at their mother's home. James attacked him with a big knife. He then met with a colleague at the Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda, where he told him he was going to do something "drastic" and "to watch me, you see me on the news today." January 20, 2017: Gargasoulas, 28, led the police on a chase through Melbourne's CBD. During lunch, he plowed his chestnut Holden Commodore on Bourke Street by pedestrian. Six people were killed and another 27 were injured. March 1, 2018: Gargasoulas filed a lawsuit for mental health and told the court that he was suffering from schizophrenia in the weeks leading up to the attack to avoid litigation. June 14, 2018: A jury has found that Gargasoulas actually has a mental illness, but is still able to process. November 7, 2018: Gargasoulas & # 39; process begins in Melbourne. November 8, 2018: Gargasoulas is not committed to all 33 charges against him, including murder. November 9, 2018: The trial continues.


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