Lukaku feels disappointed

Early evidence suggests that Romelu Lukaku might miss the game today The subwayclaims that the Belgian aggressor feels "disappointed".

Of course any player would feel disappointed if he was kicked out of a squad on the match day, especially if you are the only true center forward in the club.

It is true that Lukaku was not discovered by photographers when the United team boarded the plane at Manchester Airport, but it was possible that he was already on the flight or meeting with the crew separately.

The Belgian striker was canceled by Jose Mourinho's starting grid for the side's 2-1 win over Everton last weekend.

Lukaku was unimaginable this season, scoring just four goals for United, and Mourinho was shy when asked about the striker's involvement in Bournemouth.

"Why do not you ask him, ask Samuel," said the United manager, pointing to MEN reporter Samuel Luckhurst.



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