Bowling embarrassment in final: Former Indian batsman reacts

The pathetic defeat in the ICC World Test Championship final has left the Indian cricket team and Indian cricket fans in deep despair. The Kiwis return from Southampton with a win in the ICC final and the first ICC Test World Cup after a long hiatus, as the Indian team was a complete failure in both batting and bowling in what was described as a final of equal strength. The defeat of the Indian team has drawn sharp criticism from many. The collapse of the Indian batting line-up and the fact that the bowling line-up did not find form was much discussed among the fans.

However, Roger Binny, a former Indian bowler, described the performance of the Indian bowlers in the final as “poor” and said that the performance of the Indian pace bowlers in the Test World Cup final was “disgraceful”. Didn’t they all play a Test match? The performance in the final was a disgrace to one player, ”said Roger Binny.

Roger Binny also criticized the Indian bowlers for consistently throwing the ball outside the off stump. “The bowling line-up has to throw the ball according to their strength. No one has realized what is needed in England. If the ball is thrown continuously outside the off stump, the desired result in England will not be obtained. The Kiwis were bowled in favor of the batsmen, including short bowls. No one expected this bowling performance in the final, ”the former Indian batsman said

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