The smart storage company Boxmotions has launched a financing round to capture a million euros that must be used to finance its expansion abroad, as explained in the ARA the cofounder of the company , Pol Karaso. The start-up, which already made a first round for the same amount, counts for this second with the support of its partners, Inveready, BStartup and Athos Capital, and also expects the incorporation of some foreign funds. But, in addition, a part of the round is made through the online investment platform The Crowd Angel, which is expected to attract about 300,000 euros from small investors.

The company, created by Àlex Corbacho and Pol Karaso -two aeronautical engineers-, began operating in Barcelona in May 2016 and in Madrid in July 2018. Once it has been implemented in the two major State capitals, Continue its expansion in other European capitals, because it is difficult to do it in other Spanish cities, and in Europe, on the other hand, they see it as a niche market. Boxmotion is a technology company that its founders define as the "smart storage room". It is based on providing users with the storage of objects that do not fit them at home – from seasonal clothing to furniture – and they do so through an application or directly on the web. The company collects the objects at the client's home and, when it is claimed by them, it takes them. This, according to Karaso, has two advantages: the scientist must not transfer and bring objects to a storage company through his means, and he only pays for the surface that he occupies at each moment.

The company, explains Karaso, can offer more competitive prices than traditional freight companies because it has its warehouses – which are for rent and only pays the logistics operator for the surface that it needs – in the second metropolitan crowns, where the Logistics rentals are cheaper. "This allows offering prices 20% cheaper, on average, than competition," Karaso says.

Growth of 20%

The company has multiplied by six income in the last 12 months, explains Pol Karaso, with growth of 15% to 20% monthly. Currently, Boxmotions has a staff of 30 people.


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