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Boy hanged himself after teacher threw him out of class because he was 'refused to take off hoodie'

A 14-year-old boy who had been hanging out of his school just before he was hauled off to his heels.

Derek Brundrett walked around the school in Pembrokeshire, Wales, for nearly an hour before taking his own life near the school's reception.

Hey what found by a friend who had gone to look for him.

Just an hour before, he had been thrown out of a science class.

Derek Brundrett, 14, found hanging out near his school after a teacher threw him out of class because he refused to take off his hoodie (Picture: Handout)

Afterwards around the school on his own, he entered the area known as 'The Circle'.

At around 1.30pm, a friend of Derek's went to look for him and found him by a tree.

By the time he alerted teachers, Derek was dead.

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His mum, Kristina, who was on her way home when she received a phone call from police, found out the devastating news her son had died.

She said she immediately went upstairs to pray, adding: 'I've never had a feeling like it; it was ripped my heart out.

I am going to the right there and then from a broken heart. '

An inquest into Derek's death in December 2013 is now underway.

Kristina had known her son was having difficulties. His behavior had become increasingly erratic in the last few years.

(Picture: Media Wales)

She said he was 'a good little boy'.

His behavior deteriorated to the point where his mother could no longer cope with his loud and violent outbursts so she put him in foster care.

Derek went into care and started attending the Pupil Referral Unit in Neyland, a learning center designed for young people with more complex needs.

Kristina hoped that he would get the care and attention he needed, but his continued service to alarm, and one day he climbed onto the roof of the building at the referral unit.

'Hey, not happy,' says Kristina. He said in September 2013 that he was in a hurry, he said, "He said he was in a hurry."

'The sad thing is he was so sorry for the way he was behaving. He would tell me he was sorry for the way he was, and how he could not control it. He would have a great passion for the smallest and most stupidest things.

'But he wanted to go back to Pembroke School, so it was agreed that he would go back a year. But, within a month I called in because of his behavior and he was warned that he could be back to the referral unit. '

Derek is put back into care. He had argued with one of his brothers and Kristina had tried to separate them.

By December 2013, Derek was back in care and his mother was becoming increasingly worried about his mental state.

On the evening of December 11, he's phoned his mother.

(Picture: Media Wales)

Kristina said: 'Hey what deeply unhappy. I did not sleep a wink that night. I actually slept next to my other boy because I could just feel that something was very wrong.

Derek was really unhappy. The following morning at around 8.30am

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'He would hide it very well at times, he would be fine. But I called the school and asked to speak to the head of year, and spoke to the council.

'Derek was fine but I tried to say that he was not – he was in a really bad way and was really unhappy.

Carter picked him up at 3.30pm. 'Later that morning, I had a conversation with him at the school.

That phone call took place at around 11.15am on the morning of December 12.

Kristina hoped everything would be OK, and that Derek would have been collected from school as normal at the end of the day but that never happened.

Kristina immediately rang social services to ask: "What have you done
to my son? You've let him down '.

Next month will mark the fifth anniversary of Derek's death and Kristina is still waiting for answers. An inquest into his death has not been concluded.

It is hoped an outcome will be revealed at a hearing in the new year.

Hywel Dda Health Board said the system has been inadequate but has been improved since.

They said they were probably taken by Derek's behavior.

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire council said: 'The death of a child is a matter of great concern.

'The coroner's inquest into Derek Brundrett's death is still ongoing and we are awaiting the outcome.

It is therefore inappropriate to comment further.

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