Boyacá promotes tourism for health and wellness: Boyacá promotes tourism for health and wellness | Tunja

In Boyacá, health and wellness tourism offers innovative hydrotherapy and spa centers that not only contribute to a better quality of life, but also help preserve health and cure some diseases.

Not in vain, Boyacá is positioned as one of the preferred destinations for foreign tourists seeking rest, relaxation, meditation and wellness.
For example, hot springs are promoted.

According to studies conducted by experts, hot springs provide some benefits for the mind and body, such as: improving muscle and functional recoveryhave effects that contribute to the control of pain and inflammation, help mitigate ailments in diseases such as osteoarthritis, contribute to psychological well-beingreduce the tensions caused by stress.

Güicán de la Sierra, between the perpetual snows and the sweet thermal waters
The municipality of Güicán is located in the north of the department, in the province of Gutiérrez, 387 kilometers from Bogotá.

It is recognized for having much of the largest glacier mass in the country and for hosting the ancestral U’wa indigenous culture. However, it also has thermal water deposits whose temperature is 40°C; They are fresh waters with green algae.

The thermal pools of Güicán are totally natural, rich in phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, manganese, sulfate, iron and zinc, elements that are conducive to relieving poor circulation, fatigue, bone ailments and the nervous system.

Refuge La Casona de San Luis
In the La Casona de San Luis Refuge there are spaces for adults and children, as well as a jacuzzi and a typical food restaurant. It is a place surrounded by green fields and the pure waters of the Nevado River.

The experience of walking through the Nevado de El Cocuy, Güicán and Chita is complemented by a few hours of relaxation in the hot springs.

Sáchica, between valleys and deserts
This town keeps ancestral traditions, colonial architecture, delicious typical preparations and a variety of activities to get out of the routine, among them its medium mineralization hot springs, rich in iron and copper.

Pachavita, peaceful municipality surrounded by mountains
In the beautiful Valley of Tenza, where the mountains flourish, captivating experiences are lived, peace and tranquility are breathed and exquisite snacks are savored. This is the ideal place to get into the best of adventures and there are also hot springs available.

It is located 126 kilometers from Bogotá and offers spaces for adults and children, thermal pools, green spaces with a diversity of species, lodging services and restaurants. The waters of this place are composed of sulfur, aluminum, iron and potassium.

Zetaquira, town of legends and abundant water sources
It is a territory that is characterized by the production of coffee and chamba, an exotic fruit from the region. There they also find beautiful landscapes for ecological walks, a circuit of the Lagoons, Guanatá Waterfalls, caverns that form a canyon and the path to the Virgen del Coro in the center of the municipality.

The properties of the thermal waters of Zetaquira are curative, they treat bone-muscular, respiratory, dermatological, digestive and allergic diseases, in addition, they increase blood circulation and oxygenation; They help improve the functions of the endocrine glands, stimulate the immune system, increase defenses, improve skin flexibility, soothe pain and relax muscle tension.

In Iza and Cuítiva, municipalities located in the beautiful Sugamuxi valley, 240 kilometers from Bogotá, approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes on an excellent road. It has an average temperature of 19°C. They are cataloged as one of the most beautiful and visited towns in Boyacá.

Paipa, the tourist capital of Boyacá
Paipa is a municipality where nature, history and gastronomy mix to provide unforgettable experiences. Trails, Lake Sochagota, community tourism experiences and its masses have great recognition. There are hotels for all tastes and budgets.
Its thermal waters contain sodium, potassium, sulfur, chlorine, iodine and boron, properties that benefit the skin, due to its saline nutrients.

In the spa and hydromassage centers of the city you can find: geotherapy, mud therapy, algotherapy, hydrotherapy, nasal therapy, thermotherapy, massage therapy and heliotherapy.

It is a colonial mansion that housed the troops of the Liberation Army more than 200 years ago and that preserves an important part of the country’s history in its corridors and rooms.

It has 23 rooms, as well as a beautiful restaurant with international food and typical dishes. It has a thermal water pool and a spa where relaxing massages, mud therapy techniques and algae therapy are offered.

Its architecture is contemporary in style and it has a privileged location on a hill facing the Lake Sochagota. It offers a multicolored landscape of imposing mountains from where the beauty of the tourist area of ​​Paipa is recreated.

The thermo-mineral water pool at the D`Acosta Hotel Sochagota has jets coming directly from the hot springs, which provide a natural and relaxing hydromassage, in addition to maintaining an ideal temperature all year round.

The ITP is made up of a water park, a biomedical center, a thermal SPA and a hydrotherapy center. It has extensive facilities, parking, sale of sports and beauty items, handicrafts, as well as restaurant and cafeteria service.

Incredible services and wellness facilities are found here, next to the beautiful Lake Sochagota; offers Turkish bath, sauna, thermal circuit, jacuzzi. It is a five-star hotel with family and business plans.